By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

I felt the weight of heavy chain,
So heavy on my soul;
I wondered, how I wondered,
What could come through iron’s hold.

I fought, I struggled long and hard,
And finally in a heap;
My battered soul, it did collapse,
And I began to weep.

“O God, my God, no strength have I,
To fight unyielding chain;
My soul is bruised and battered;
And my spirit lies in pain.”

Then did a great and quiet calm,
Encapsulate and free;
The very place the iron chain,
Had overpowered me.

And certain hope did enter in,
And something changed within;
The peace of God accompanied,
The chain that bound me in.

The struggling stopped, the striving ceased,
The iron turned to gold;
And wisdom entered in the day …
All strength had left my soul.
 “… He was laid in iron:
Until the time that His word came; the word of the Lord tried him.”
Psalm 105:18-19