By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

The "Faith Temple Food Giveaway" partners up with "Feeding South Dakota" and other national distributors in its weekly effort of providing individuals with an extraordinary fresh supply of food provisions for a week.
I love participating in it!
As a volunteer, it's remarkable to watch people work together and shoulder beside one another to ensure the good of others in a difficult season.
Empowering. Gratifying. Provoking.
Yesterday, some 500 people (a typical number) worked themselves out into the cold and filed through the line in the warm sanctuary of the Nordstrom Johnson building at the Sioux Falls fairgrounds. My "station and job" was to dole out boxes of Chex cerial, Knorr flavored rice, and a Betty Crocker Fudge brownie mix.
Individuals of all sorts passed me:
-Women dressed in bright garb, speaking a foreign language, but wearing the universally understood smile.
-Aged men cloaked in warm coats wearing a tired twinkle in their eyes.
-Young moms entertaining active toddlers, holding infants, and tending to provisions of supplies before them.
-And children, beautiful children, openly expressing their desires to be seen and heard.
The little girl with the pink framed glasses who assumes a portion of my identity by qualifying our "likeness" of same colored lipstick and glasses wanting to know that "I" see the likeness too ... and I assure her I most certainly do. (smile)
The little boy who says he likes my colorful earings, and then hides shyly behind his momma, waiting for a reciprocating personal affirmation in response, so easy to give.
The 6 month old who shares an explosive uncontained smile and keeps his eyes on me while his momma thanks me.
I love these moments ...
This sea of colored humanity moving swiftly before me inviting me into their lives, their seasons, and their worlds ... if even for a moment.
It's provokingly powerful.
Everybody has a story.
Everybody has a need.
Everybody has a hurt and a sorrow they bear.
And vulnerability, when it is shared, wields the power to breed life, hope, and giving into its existance.
Each day we are presented with opportunities to love, give, and demonstrate compassion.
Each day, we choose to give or withhold the love of Jesus to those we come into contact with. One opportunity might be all we are ever afforded.
It matters the way we love ... 
one another.