By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Cold affects my right hip and a tender spot resides where once I fell.
It's a beautiful day in August and I've just returned from work.
I settle into the beckoning backyard of our temporal renting "resting" place and note that the hammock has been adjusted in height and now looks perfect for my long legs.
I'm delighted and ready to launch myself into this wondrous "cocoon" that literally wraps me up, folds me into itself, and sways me in a rhythmic way which nurtures contemplative thought and quiets my intense being.
Mmmm ...
With a bit too much gusto, I thrust my right leg up at a healthy ninety degree angle while pushing off with my left leg in order to situate myself comfortably and quickly into my relaxing "nest" and ...
 Faster than a bullet charging down a barrel,
 The momentum and motion of my movement in contact with the hammock produces a worthy "Watch this on YouTube" moment.
The hammock received me only too quickly and willingly, grabbed me tight and pulled me into its embrace with a force of gravity I didn't know existed, and then swung me around in its first round of torpedo speed to deposit me on the ground the second time around (I think) in such a hearty manner that I lay there stupified, mystified, and soundly shaken.
This happened in a manner of seconds and I swear I would be a wealthy woman had someone been securing this live footage on camara.
My books and journal had departed from me strewn in the grass many yards away, the only silent witnesses left to share and concede my ordeal.
I laid on the grass, took a deep breath, and knew that a tender spot in my right hip transmitting pain down my leg would likely be felt the rest of my days to some degree. We have ways of foreseeing these realities as we age; we have ways of feeling these realities on certain days such as I am feeling today.
Hmmm ...
Life sometimes happens in such a "hammock-throwing" way that our breath is taken away, our refuge of rest temporarily suspended, and we are left to deal with the aftermath of a "tender spot in the hip" for the rest of our lives on account of that certain moment.
To some degree it is not so far from Jacob's wrestle (Genesis 32:24-32) and we have to learn to deal with new realities ...
 But so we also emerge as developed in a deeper faith.
From thrust, to trust, to emerging faith,
God does His thing to deepen our lives with His holy presence.
Seeking to conform His child He performs awe-inspiring and very "wild hammock" moments in the life of His beloved one for His purposes alone.
He canopies the most painful of falls with an overture of grace that far supercedes all that we experience in our suspended moments ...
And He never lets go.
Some of you are in the midst of a "wild hammock" moment.
The same God that initially sought you has eternally got you;
You are forever His.

A tender spot in the "hip" may be yours for the rest of your life in certain seasons and at certain moments ...
But the certainty of His mysterious grace will be forever yours as well.
This is the mystery of grace, glory, and God.