*Words to the outcast and the "untouchable."

By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Her eyes bore the look of a woman in pain,
Filled with regret and unspeakable shame,
Some knew the body but few knew the name;
She’s the outcast.

Something within her was drawn to His side,
Some kind of love that awoke her inside,
She heard the words, “Come away, come aside,”
And she followed.

And that’s all it took, she ignored every glare;
Went to the One she was certain would care,
Looked past the gaze and uncomfortable stare,
And the voices…
The whispers….
The shadows …. 
She left them all there. 
The One who is faithful,
The One who is true,
Calls to the one who might even be you….
He knows your pain and the life you’ve lived through.
And He loves you.
He’s calling your name.
He loves you.

Wherefore I say unto thee, "Her sins which are many, are forgiven;
for she loved much;
but to whom little is forgiven, the same loveth little."
Luke 7:47