By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

In forest deep I hear God's voice and feel His presence all about me.
My location is Itasca State Park.
I'm surrounded by some 32,000 acres of forest and wood tucked within the borders of Northern Minnesota.
One thousand shades of green descend and ascend all around me.
I'm immersed, provoked, and in awe of things too great for me.
The mysterious ways of my Maker and Lover speak soft to me.
Decidedly undone ...
He discovers me and I discover Him,
In these places of the deep.
He and me.
A quiet deep deliverance and a sense of God's nearness canopies, covers, and protects me.
Swaddled and coddled in mercies untangible;
Reflections of God's goodness and kindness provoke and produce an adoring wave of praise within me.
And God is here with me ...
And no one else.
The resources of God lie all about me in this forest deep.
Creation attests and plays host to a multitude of God's most magnificent glories.
I believe in the burning bush and the God of Moses.
I believe in the attributes of God and the holiness of God.
And I love God.
God is strong.
God is good.
God is faithful.
And God is able.
My soul finds rest in God alone;
He's my soul's fortress and my soul's safety.
I trust in Him.
These places of the deep,
 Are mine to keep ...
 For all eternity.
-Psalm 18-