By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

They say ...
Not to put all your eggs in one basket.
Maybe this is true in some arenas but it's not true in all.
I've put all my eggs in one certain basket;
I've entrusted all the eggs to a certain egg keeper.
And you know what I'm learning?
 God's got the "egg department" wonderfully, creatively and powerfully covered.
 I like what He's doing with the eggs:
Some are colored,
Some are cracked,
Some are edible,
Some are packed.
Some are dyed,
And some are white,
But all the eggs are,
The right kind of right ...
In the hands of God.
I gave my eggs to God;
Put the whole mixed up dozen in His hands,
And He seems utterly pleased and delighted with them.
God is uncharacteristically creative,
And wonderful.
He's the "egg keeper" until eternity ...
And all my eggs are safe in His basket.
Decidedly His.