By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

A little hand slipped into mine,
A dandelion bouquet,
Little words like, “Thank you, Mom,”
Are things that make my day.

Taking time to read a book,
With you upon my lap;
Listening while you sing a song,
And little hands that clap.

Puckered lips that whistle blow,
And learning how to wink;
Watching you develop,
And respecting how you think.

Finding you a band-aid,
For the hurt I cannot see.
Looking at a part of you,
And seeing a part of me.

Footsteps padding down the stairs
For one more hug and kiss;
These things that matter most to me,
One day I’m going to miss.

Help me, Lord, to not regret
The memories left today;
In my preoccupation,
Help me stop for child’s play.

 A privilege ... being a mother,
Things that matter most to me:
A little hand slipped into mine,
And eyes that help me see.