By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Grab a cup of coffee ...
And respond reflectively to the twelve questions presented.
How well do your know yourself?
Your answers may surprise and challenge you:
1) What are your short and long range goals and how quickly and concretely can you identify them?
*Individuals with specific goals are more deliberate, disciplined, and successful in life.
2) If you could spend a fun day doing whatever you wanted and with whoever you wanted, what would you do and who would you do it with?
What do your selections reveal about you?
3) Consider the last funeral you attended.
What impact (positive or negative) did that individual have on you?
What impact did you have on them?
4) Songs, lyrics, and quotes tend to lodge themselves in our minds for a reason. What words are being rehearsed in yours and for what reason?
5) Reflect on two individuals, past and present, who inspire and challenge you.
What do they possess that "draws" you?
6) Outside of your spouse and family members; who do you spend the most time with? Your response is a direct revelation about "you."
Pay careful attention to the man looking back at you in the mirror.
7) Name five traits you possess.
Which one matters most to "you?"
8) What subjects do you possess the most knowledge about and what conversations generate the most interest in you?
Who are you passing that knowledge off to that would most benefit?
9) Consider three lessons you've learned the hard way and identify them in concrete terms.
How do these lessons continue to affect your life in positive and progressive ways?
10) What obstacles stand between you and your goals or desires?
What will you do "today" to arrive one step closer?
11) What do you believe about God and eternity?
What does the amount of time you give spiritual matters suggest to you?
12) Recall the three most intimate acts you've ever experienced.
Reflect on them carefully and consider what they reveal to you about your defining of intimacy and "why" they had such a profound effect on you.
Remove yourself unapologetically from frenzied activity, dear reader, and allow your mind, soul, and spirit time to process and absorb your experiences, reflections, and answers.
Your responses are a revelation about you and, if you're listening closely, wield the power to communicate a profound message to you.
Also ...
Consider which of the twelve questions you found yourself returning to and which questions you most enjoyed answering or found most provoking.
These, also, are a revelation about you and identify something important going on in you.
Be gentle with yourself in your answers.
Be thoughtful,
Be honest,
And be intentional about the life you live.
"Committing your goals to paper increases the likelihood of your achieving them by one thousand percent."
-Brian Tracy