By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Special Olympics is celebrating their 50th Anniversary and I "took a hike" to raise funds in response. The panoramic scene stretched out before my eyes on Black Elk, just yesterday, was breath-takingly beautiful.
The picture perfect weather conditions afforded a hike and a view incomparable to the eight preceding hikes on the mount ... and God's presence was profoundly observed.
The early morning air was fragrant with an intermingling of earth and pine, and I greedily absorbed her poetic breath. She filled me, empowered me, refreshed me, and refueled me.
Scent wields the power of encompassing sacred memory and I breathed her in indulgenty, deliberately, and decidedly.
- The sounds of nature, audibly and everywhere present, furnished my hungry soul with clarifying clean insight and stirring internal thought.
Words and thoughts ran plentiful and descriptive.
 I encouraged the creative juices to flow generously and felt amply rewarded by the extended lingering moments I afforded myself.
I stopped and hid in rocks and crevices,
I entered "hidden" fissures, nooks, and clefts.
I made private and personal discoveries all along the way without ignoring the "lesser" places hidden from view.
The experience of feet dangling from the heights,
And then uncovered, not long after, in a refreshing creekbed was afforded me.
Cold invigorating waters flowed over me;
Deep cleansing thoughts flowed into me.
Tangible forces of nature disrobed and clothed me;
And I felt myself enshrouded in them.
A glorious view was presented and an endless landscape of "words" afforded.
-The sun scattered her rays in glorious fashion through "thick of forest" and pine-needled path.
-Dry elephant skin stretched tightly around extended rock formations provoked me,
-Strewn "lincoln-logs" preserved like matchsticks vacantly stared in wonderment at me.
And all about me,
Deep within me,
Life and beauty took hold of me ...
Enfolded me.
God walked with me,
Talked with me,
And He knew me.
My feet have conveyed me up Black Elk more than eight times now but none have had more stirring or profound effect than this one.
My steps mattered,
My climb counted,
I made a difference in the lives of others ... and it made a difference in me.
Black Elk calls my name again.
 I'll bring others with me,
Because it's in me.
Is it in you?
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And join me.