By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Charlie, Taylor, and little Jimmy were characters selected to play wisemen in the annual Christmas program. Before each "wiseman" laid his gift down before Jesus, he was to hold it up and share what he had brought as a gift:
-Little Charlie proudly strolled down the aisle in his dazzling attire topped off with his glittering crown, held up his little gold box and said, "Gold," and he laid it down before Jesus.
-Little Taylor did a marvelous job following suit; proudly holding up a small ornamented box and said, "Myrrh," and he laid it down nicely before Jesus.
-Little Jimmy trailed enthusiastically down the aisle, held up his special little gift, and announced to the audience, "Frank sent me," and he laid down his gift of "frankincense" and stood with the wisemen.
Perfect ...
Gosh, but I find this amusing and my soul loves it!
The longer I have time to think on it, the more beautiful the "misinterpretation" grows in me, dear reader.
 I have begun to pray that God will make my heart like Jimmy's this Christmas:
1) For an earnest declaration of the things which I am in possession of, I give God thanks.
No little enthusiasm is mine this year as I proclaim and make notable the gifts of redemption, mercy, and grace, even though I know that I don't fully understand them and am problably misinterpreting them.
Mmmm ...
Thank you, Jesus.
2) For the gift of repentance I give God thanks, hold it up, and boldly declare "it" the most pronounced, celebrated gift I can give to my King.
This gift, dear reader, is wrapped in gold with a golden bow adorning;
 I am His "golden" child and it is worth celebrating.
The gift of repentance brings life.
Thank you, Jesus.
 3) For a joyful gait and a stride of enthusiastic zeal erupting without hesitation before man and God, I place my gifts before Jesus, kneel down at His feet, and kiss them passionately, decidedly, and joyfully.
 In worship and love for my King I sing the chorus joyfully:
"Star of wonder, star of night
Star with royal beauty bright
Westward leading, still proceeding
Guide us to Thy perfect light."
-John Henry Hopkins, Jr.
Guide us to Thy perfect light ...