By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Ville Du Havre,
French ocean-liner:
Queen of the sea.
Rich, aristocratic young family:
Horatio and Anna Spafford,
Four little blessings:
Anne, Maggie, Bessie, Tenetta.
Seven years old and under.
European excursion.
Days away,
Family get-away.
Collision of business and vacation;
Horatio held back.
Anna and daughters board ship.
Horatio will follow;
Complete business transaction.
December 1, 1873.
Horatio handling business.
Emergency telegram.
Three words:
“Saved Alone.

Disjointed thoughts,
Mechanical motions:
Voyage to Anna.
Ship stops;
Where wreckage hides;
Waves ride,
Lives reside...
Ocean’s grave.
Down below,
Little souls,

Precious lives.

Soul wrenching,
No quenching
Numb soul,
Seeking sanity.
Reaching for relief.
Fumbling fingers,
Pencil in pocket,
Grieving soul 
Pens words:

When peace like a river, attendeth my way,
When sorrows like sea-billows roll,
Whatever my lot, Thou hast taught me to say,
“It is well, it is well with my soul.”

Tho’ Satan should buffet, tho’ trials should come,
Let this blest assurance control,
That Christ hath regarded my helpless estate,
And hath shed His own blood for my soul.

My sin – Oh, the bliss of this glorious thought!
My sin—not in part but the whole,
Is nailed to the cross and I bear it no more;
Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, oh, my soul!

And, Lord, haste the day when the faith shall be sight,
The clouds be rolled back as a scroll,
The trump shall resound, and the Lord shall descend--
“Even so—it is well with my soul.”

Sorrow’s song,
Timeless hymn:
“It Is Well With My Soul”
Horatio Spafford.
We don’t see the greater plan,
The Holy hand,
That writes
The whole.
We see in part,
Just a start ….
Of something more.
And sometimes …
Not at all.

God the Author,
Loving Father;
Holy hand
That writes...
The whole.
In sorrow
There is solace ...
For the soul.
“From the end of the earth I will cry to You,
When my heart is overwhelmed;
Lead me to the rock that is higher than I."
Psalm 61:2