By: Darrelyn L .Tutt

It's that time of the year where the warm and cold seasons collide and a bit of a battle resides in both the atmosphere and physical body.
The common "cold" assails and clinics prevail with an overflow of coughing, sneezing, wheezing, temperature-soaring patients.
What to do when the cold and flu collide:
1) Stay hydrated.
Fluids in the body are needful for the fighting and flushing out of infections.
2) Rest. Your body needs to heal and there is no substitute or remedy more conducive to healing than rest.
3) Breathe in fresh air and get a healthy dose and a cleansing supply of good clean air.
Let's transfer these healthy physical realities to the spiritual arena and boost our internal immune system with the same remedies.
1) Stay hydrated on God's word.
Absorb healthy daily increments of God's pure and cleansing word to fortify and flush out the strategies imposed by Satan to defeat you.
Keep God's word on you and in you at all times.
-Try recording one key "hydrating verse" on your hand and look at it continually throughout your day.
-Keep God's word open before you on a table so when you pass by you stop and take a glance.
2) Rest.
Your body needs its rest with Christ.
Get alone and get away with Him in order to experience the rejuvenating effects of healing  communion which only He can provide you with. There are no substitutes to alone time with Him. Quiet and solitude are indispensable calming agents to the soul.
Rest and abide with Christ.
3) Breathe in the fresh air of the Father and don't allow yourself to get comfortable with the unclean air and habits of those you surround yourself with.
If your choice of company is the presence of germ-infested, coughing, hacking individuals, then don't be surprised when you develop the same symptoms.
Be careful about the air you breathe.
Atmosphere make a big difference in healing.
Stay healthy,
Stay warm,
And saturate yourself in the restorative mercies and the sure rest of the Lord.
"He restoreth my soul, He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name's sake."
Psalm 23:3