By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

As sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west; this day shall of one of certain empowerment.
JUNE 18, 2019.
Record it. Remember it. Write it down.
+The degraded shall be upgraded.
+The demoted shall be promoted.
+The outcast shall rise and stand fast.
+The destitute shall be delivered.
+The despised shall be prized.
+The lowly shall be exalted.
The pulse will quicken and the eye will see;
The soul will rejoice and be utterly free ...
 of its burden.
This day is yours.
Own it. Discover it. Live in it.
Love it.
Opportunities are not coming ... they are here.
Make use of them:
+Intentionally build up and promote an unsuspecting employee or family member today.
+Intelligently use your mind to challenge and inspire an "invisible" individual today.
+Concretely employ the talents you've been given and transfer them tangibly to another today.
+See the stranger and help him.
+Perform a random and tangible act of kindness.
+Enter into child's play.
+Touch and hug an elderly individual.
+Tangibly and lovingly respond to the next texter who texts you.
Make the next one you receive your personal target and don't be choosy!
Be unbiased, thoughtful, and generous no matter who it is.
Hmmm ... who could it be?
The possibilities are endless; have fun with today!
Make use of words, quotes, flowers, gardens, vegetables, money, time, tools, books, enthusiasm, energy, encouragment ... and the like.
Use what you have and use who you are to bless others today.
Remember that the resources familiar and common to "you" are not common and familiar to others.
At the end of today ... record your experience.
Consider whether or not it wasn't made extraordinary because you strategically and creatively made it extraordinary.
With this in mind, strategically and meaningfully consider tomorrow and plan ahead.
Mmmm ...
When we make our lives about others,
we find ourselves energized, enthusiastic, and empowered.
Today's your day ...
Make it an extraordinary one.