By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

It's Friday morning and the conditions I despise have to be tackled.
The 30 minute drive to my client's house has to be made on slick, icy roads and in buggerish snowy conditions.
Blast on the inclement weather that makes driving hazardous and vision difficult:
Snowplows will be out in force borrowing
1 1/2 necessary lanes (move aside everybody.)
Trucks and semis will be transmitting energetic "snow clouds" in their wake.
Unseasoned drivers will be driving a wee bit too fast, skidding on exits and straining at stoplights.
Seasoned drivers will be driving a wee bit too slow inviting rear-end collisions and tail-tight followers who know better than to pass in buggerish conditions.
Hmmm ...
Generally, I'm a trailblazing kind of person but not on icy roads.
Nothing settles and comforts me in icy conditions like a 4 wheel drive pickup emerging in my rearview mirror.
Immediately slowing down, I make my intention clear, that I am desirous of following and not leading and I will pull over slightly, if need be, to encourage a safe transition.
I will gladly take my cues from the guy up front on all such days.
Hmmm ...
Inclement weather conditions are a lot like inclement seasons in our lives.
 There's a time and a place where we are wise to entrust ourselves to a more experienced "Driver" who knows how to navigate unfamiliar and icy terrain.
There's a time and a place where we must admit to ourselves and others that we need the help of God and others in order to safely reach our destination.
And God decides, in these conditions, just who He'll use.
God is never afraid of the individual who recognizes his need for help,
And He will never ignore or despise the individual who asks for it.
God's arrival on the scene is notable and characteristic of His nature.
He's strong, He's big, He's structured, and He's stable;
He's sort of like a snowplow commanding respect in the elements whether you like it or not. He's got a work to do and drivers to secure safe passage too and that's what He's about.
God is ...
Compassionate, Sensitive, Instructive, Loving, Safe, Strong.
Moving ahead and taking command of the elements, the ice, the inclement weather, and the individuals involved, He places His glory in the forefront and His name on the line and He magnifies and manifests Himself in it and through us.
God maintains the oversight and wields the sovereign right to dictate what kind of faith- growing conditions and experiences are needed in our lives to further His Kingdom, intensify our intimacy with Him, and glorify His holy name.
He has ordained our negatives to shed light on His positives, and of those there are too many to declare. Far from fearing the inclement conditions, He manifests Himself in them and desires our confidence in Him all the way through.
God is not afraid or surprised by the conditions we find ourselves in and He's already got a plan in place to manifest His glory there. Move aside and watch Him reveal His glory because He's going to ... as sure as the snow flies from the snowplow.
Be sure of it.
The thing to remember when we are faced with inclement weather is that this is the place which God is going to declare and demonstrate His power.
In this place ...
-We learn about surrender.
-We acknowledge our need for help.
-We become astute learners developed in faith and seasoned in compassion.
-We grow wise, discerning, and more able to help others.
We become trailblazing people earmarked for God's trailblazing glory ...
And that's a story worth living,
Here on earth.
Let this truth blaze a trail in you:
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.
Romans 8:28