By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Adventure: The Poet's Table
Directions: Start at Sylvan Lake Resort parking area.
•Take trailhead 4 for Black Elk Peak/Little Devil's Tower. Look for a leaning birch tree that points up a slope.
•Follow that path off the trailhead. Hidden at the top over some rocks is a green table and chairs on a flat area.
Experience: This is not a marked path by any means. This is a "treasure hunt" type hike to find the quaint little spot hidden in the rocks. It's a great little lunch/snack or reflection spot worth the experience.
TRAIL ADDICT MAGAZINE / Hiking & Biking Trails In & Around the Black Hills
I'd barely settled down from a day of adventure when a new adventure quickly took hold of me. Right there on the nightstand ... my side of the bed, compliments of our hotel in Custer.
The discovery of this bright little magazine made it worth the night's stay, though it didn't appear to wield quite the same effects on my spouse. Ha ...
Could there be a more appealing and energizing name for a hiking magazine?
I love it and I doubt it!
In less than an hour, and cover to cover, I scoured and devoured the contents of the little magazine making new finds and discoveries on the endless hiking trails and adventures still awaiting delicious discovery in the Hills. The adventures seemed endless and I marked up the pages immediately with little notations and stars.
 I appreciated the creative write-ups, map lay-outs, and "tip accompaniments" linked to each trail and even robbed one in order to pass on to you!
Don't we love the author's choice of words and the provoking of desire to hike a trail that leads us to the Poet's Table?
Doesn't it make us want to go tomorrow or even today?
Mmmm ...
Only earlier in the day I'd looked at a similar hiking guide in a shop and laid it back down after looking at the ridiculous price.
Right here was a "freebie" being offered me in our hotel with a trail system incomparably better and larger than the expensive version and ... free to boot.
Gotta love it!
All this to say that adventure is just a trail guide away.
Take advantage of the free resources offered which provide you a bridge to new adventures and places of discovery.
A "Poet's Table" awaits on Trailhead 4 ...
Get out and explore.