By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

My mind returns to a book excerpt that has lodged itself within me so deeply I have committed it to memory and entered it into my journal as an entry.
It inspires and ignites bold, strong, courageous thought;
It fuels the fire, fans the flame,
And stirs me toward decisive activity in specific arenas.
Perhaps it will do the same for you.
"In the history of states of peoples, a turning point is often a battle or an episode during a revolution: more precisely, a sudden shifting of events and movements in a battle or during a revolution. A turning point is not a milestone; the latter is a numerically fixable place, foreseeable, linear, and sequential. A turning point may occur in a person's mind; it may mean a change of direction, it has consequences that are multiple and unpredictable; consequences more often than not recognizable only in retrospect. A turning point may sometimes be foreseeable, but not with certainty.
In this case the moment came late on Tuesday, 28 May. It was the resolution of a struggle which, at that very moment, Churchill had won. He decided that England would go on fighting, no matter what happened.
No matter what happened, 
there would be no negotiating with Hitler ..."
Book excerpt: Five Days in London
Author: John Lukacs
 In the recording of this excerpt by pen and memory, I find myself locating some defining "Turning Points" in my life.
Recognizing them,
Returning to them,
Reseizing them,
Is a powerful and provoking suggestion.
The hand of providence which guides and leads us into pivotal points is none other than the holy and sovereign hand of God.
Blessed be the individual who recognizes, returns to, and runs to the God of all such providences and recognizes the hand that rules the hour.
Write about a "Turning Point" that God has brought you to ... and rediscover the mystery of His hand upon you.
Share it with me,
Inspire me,
Fuel me.