By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

The ferocious rush from there to here and here to there is everywhere:
Horns blaring.
People glaring.
Middle-fingers daring.
Tempers flaring.
Vacant staring.
Souls despairing.
Hmmm ...
All it takes is more than "three" in a grocery store line and a slow response by a second at the stoplight to agitate an already agitated soul.
Things get dark in a hurry and it's because of all the flurry.
Don't we know?
It's rough out there but it's warm in here ... take off your coat and sit awhile.
Let me get you a warm cup of coffee or tea and a piece of fine chocolate because I'm crazy about it ... and a carb "indulge" is healthy for the soul every now and again.
 Put your feet up and grab the snuggly plaid blanket on the end of my couch and make yourself comfortable and at home.
If you want your feet rubbed or your toenails polished, I'm game for that too.
But talk to me now and tell me ...
Tell me about the state of your soul.
I'm listening.
 What are you reading?
What are you thinking?
 Where are you growing?
What are you knowing or not knowing?
Tell me ... I want to know.
Tell me about who you are, where you've been, and where you're going.
Tell me about your past achievements and your upcoming goals.
Tell me how I can be of help to you and how I can best advance you.
Tell me about your pace and the spaces and places you've visited recently.
 Tell me where you'd like to go and with whom you'd like to go.
Share your interests, ideals, and ideas.
Slow down. Settle down. Sit down. 
Stay awhile.
Breathe ...
The deep desires and cravings of the human soul are not diminished or satisfied through business and flurry of activity but through healthy relationship, realness, rawness, time, and shared identity.
When the soul quits craving these necessities ... it is no longer a soul but only a mechanism or machine in very bad need of repair.
In applying a few concrete remedies we can free ourselves and help others greatly.
Here's a few practical suggestions I've implemented and found valuable:
+The clock on our living room wall was removed. It looks and feels sensational. You can't believe what a difference it makes to the mind!
When others are with me I want them to feel like time stands still and they are all that matters in the moment. 
+Technology and social media are shut down in the presence of others.
If absense makes the heart grow fonder ... a text or phone call can "wait" just a little bit longer. 
The presence of others is a gift to be valued, treasured, respected, and appreciated in a tangible, audible, and visible way. 
+Reading is encouraged and books are on hand.
Books are a safe and healthy haven to return to; a concrete way to encourage and challenge one another back to normalcy and into relationship.
Reading builds relationship.
Increases intelligence.
Fosters growth.
What an enablement and encouragement a timely book can be.
Indeed, this very moment I've got the new series of "Little House" books sitting here waiting for a certain soul who will soon devour them!
What delicious fun it is to be thoughtful and kind. And what welcome fodder for conversation and relationship in the future.
Maybe you have some ideas for me.
I welcome them.
But more than your ideas ... I want and welcome you.
The craving for relationship, companionship, and growth can't be overstated; it's in all of us though some of us need reminding.
There's nothing quite like the mess and meanderings of honest souls being real in the presence of one another to bring together and make whole.
There's two souls on both sides of every door and both are craving more.
We need to remember.