By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

The staying power of conviction remained in me, intensified in me, and finally escalated to a point that I could not live with "me."
I needed to say I was sorry to an individual that I had hurt.
I'd crossed a verbal boundary, spoken in an angry tone, extended unfair words in a heated moment and ... words that shouldn't have been said were said.
I had been a "pain-initiator."
Hmmm ...
I didn't need to prayerfully consider what I needed to do,
I was way beyond that;
I just needed to do it.
Yesterday I made my phone call and took care of the matter that bogged me down.
I said,
I'm sorry.
Assuming full responsibility for my behavior I asserted the wrongful words that I had spoken and the wrongful behavior I had displayed ... and in a tone of regret and remorse, I laid my pride and burden down simultaneously before the individual I had wronged.
It felt so good.
When one is truly remorseful,
The conduct in posture is evident.
A healing conversation occurred on the heels of that apology and God honored my desire to be clean, first with Him, and then with another.
My heart was freed,
My mind relieved,
And my confession before God and man were spoken and received.
The matter is over.
I'm sorry ...
Ahhh, the power of those two little words when they are spoken without any attempt to justify, and when they do not accompany the little words "but" and "if" that demean and rob the words of their power.
When we say, I'm sorry, we place ourselves in a position of humility and afford the "wronged" party the right to respond in a way that we have no control over.
That's how it is with man.
It's scary, humbling, and fearful to say, I'm sorry, to man because we can never know or be sure of his response back to us.
And still we must do it if God has called us to it.
And however it turns out,
He will see us through it.
The weightiest truth of the, I'm sorry, lies in this:
When we confess our sins, shortcomings, failures, and flaws to God,
A guaranteed response meets us.
"If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."
1 John 1:9

End of story.
No wonderings, worries, or what-if's.
God is the covenant-carrying God and He seals us with the providence of His pardon and promise to forgive wherever the, I'm sorry, has been expressed.
Praise be to God for this generous and faithful response to all confessions.
What a marvel ... this blessed provision called redemption;
This holy blood that wields the power to completely restore.
If God has laid an individual on your heart ...
Tend to the business at hand and don't go another day missing the blessing He has prepared for you on the heels of it.
Repentance overflows with Redemption ...
Receive it.