By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Until the soul arrives at a healthy state of disillusionment with man,

Until it has soundly felt the paralyzing effects of trusting an untrustworthy frame;
Until it comes to grips with the unsteady gait,
-The changeable behavior,
-The fickle demeanor,
-And the absense of absolute certainties ...
One's walk with God remains shallow, immature, and incomplete.
The recognition of all that man is and all that he is not  ...
And the acceptance of the realities which follow are the exact agents which usher the soul into a profound experience with God.
The "realities of man" become the living catalyst which serves to catapult the soul into an intense, intimate, and indescribable place with the Almighty.
This journey on earth with fickle man was intended to lead us into a deeper and fuller life with a faithful God.
Disillusionment with man affords new discoveries about God and induces a desirability for more of Him.
This is a discovery we each must make ...
On the journey home.
"But Jesus did not commit Himself unto them, because He knew all men, and needed not that any should testify of man: for He knew what was in man."
John 2:24-25