By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

This is one of those mornings, dear reader, where my husband would have the wisdom to make a trip to the hardware store if he was home.
His work has taken him away, fortunately, and I am dealing with a manic episode of OCD on my own.
Here's my story:
A beautiful friend of mine is to arrive after dinner from Minneapolis and spend several days with me.
For this reason I was (still am) cleaning extra "bigly" in my huge anticipation and thought I might try rearranging a few wall hangings.
Hmmm ...
Pretty soon my whole living room was turned upside down because moving one picture, meant moving another picture, which meant moving another picture.
The decorative shelves under the pictures now needed repositioning and "re"coloring so now my shelves were disastrously undone also.
While I was tackling the shelves, dear reader, I noticed one of my wall hangings was a wee bit off.
In trying to readjust the wall hanging, it fell from the nail, and severed my hand clean off.
Not really .... but it felt like it.
Now we're searching for bandaids.
The bandaid search turned out to be favorable in locating everything but a bandaid which means my medicine closet is now an "off limits" zone to my guest.
This would all be very funny if this was someone else's mess ... but it's mine so I must deal with it.
 I see a parallel to our spiritual lives in this:
God puts His finger on one area of our life, and it leads into another area, which leads into another area.
And pretty soon the whole internal man looks very messy.
Arrive on the "wrong" day and you'll see a full-blown disaster zone that nobody wants to walk into.
Hmmm ...
But God graciously doesn't leave us, walk away from us, or send us packing when our soul is in a messy state.
To the contrary ... He reminds us this is the very state He died for.
He tends to one thing at a time and begins to clean us up and make us what He had in mind when He created us.
He restructures us.
He renews us.
He redeems us.
And once He starts cleaning us up, others see, and have something to say about God.
He really does amaze me more and more, dear reader.
God is good and God is faithful in our messes.
Don't be afraid to offer them up to Him and prepare to be amazed by what He does with them.
Upside down and inside out,
God is a redemptive God and simply beautiful.
"He makes all things beautiful in His time."
Ecclesiastes 3:11