By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Vision ...
Do you have it?
Individuals who thrive, succeed, and change the world are shaped and challenged by the lens from which they look through.
The larger your lens, the larger your dreams.
So if you're dreaming big, it's a healthy sign that your "looking" big.
Keep at it and refuel your eye on an energizing landscape.
My acrostic for extraordinary vision.
V - Visualize the "Achievement" of a Goal.
Resist the urge to focus solely on the goal itself, which is what many tend to do, and imagine yourself at the end of it. Visualize and actualize yourself completing the goal and get your sensories involved.
What do you think it will feel like, look like, and sound like to achieve your goal?
What do you think will happen in your life when your goal is realized and you've accomplished a life-long desire?
Nothing fosters or encourages movement like visualizing an achieved goal.
I - Invest in Dreams.
Financially. Mentally. Educationally. Relationally. Resourcefully.
Invest. Invest. Invest.
 Investment of any kind, and in any area, asserts a belief in your movement and progression toward your dream.
Lay money down on it. If you've only got $5.00 then plunk $5.00 down on the dream that's got your name on it.
If you can't afford a college education, invest in the Library. "Autodidacts" are proving to the world that a great education doesn't always involve a tuition of $50 grand.
Never wait for a right time or right amount of money to determine your movement toward a dream.
Invest. Invest. Invest.
Use what you have and avail and invest yourself in the resources around you.
The more you invest the more likely you are to achieve your dream.
S - Strategic Steps.
Grab a sheet of paper and create a stairway of ten steps toward your dream.
Incremental steps toward an outcome is a necessary and strategic part of vision.
Be concrete, specific, and imaginative.
Are there people you need to meet to get you closer to your dream?
Are there books you should be reading which will enhance and advance your knowledge of your dream?
Are there skills you should be honing or talents you could be better owning to get you closer to your dream?
Strategic steps will advance you toward a successful outcome of a dream.
Create them and step into them.
I - Inspire Others.
Inspire others with your dreams.
Speak to what your heart desires continually!
Enthusiastically embrace the passions which overwhelm and seize you and confidently articulate them.
If you dream of owning a business, speak about it, and utilize your mouth appropriately. Get yourself "networked" and moving in a positive and inspiring direction.
Engage with individuals who know more than you, have achieved more than you, and desire more for you in regard to your dreams.
Inspire others and in doing so, you'll find yourself refueled and rejuvenated!
O - Optimism and Outlook.
Keep positive and refuse to engage in negative thinking.
Pay attention to the company you keep, the books you read, and the attitude you take.
Remember, "you" are your own responsibility; take ownership of the reality.
If you find yourself around naysayers and negative minds, assume that you are one yourself and make appropriate changes!
Optimism changes everything.
Positive thinking produces positive movement and progression.
Charge optimistically into your dreams!
N - Now. 
There's no time like the present to advance toward your dream.
Exercise yourself appropriately and begin dream movement now.
Excuses. Procrastination. Intentions. Negativity.
View all forms of these words, attitudes, and thoughts like the most vile cuss words and refuse them adamantly.
Openly, curiously, wonderfully, and cheerfully apply yourself now to your dreams.
No time like the present ...
Now's the time.
Vision is an applied art ...
Make sure your lens is colorful.