By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate the "quality of purpose" you're presently living out?
What's your number?
The majority of people confess to living a substandard life that lacks passion, breathes boredom, and falls into the resigned category of "unfulfilling".
Bugger and blast ... this is no way to live!
There are things we can do about this state, and questions we can ask ourselves, to improve our present state.
The following assignment consists of twenty questions which will lead us into valuable insights and give us a reference point to begin our next chapter from.
The stength of this assignment requires written answers.
Grab a pen and paper, and your favorite drink, and lets get after it!
1) You have a weekend to yourself.
What are five things you'd really enjoy doing?
2) You're handed a camera and told to take photos of what inspires you.
What are your five clicks?
3) You're being treated to five free dining experiences.
Where will you go?
4) You're given $10,000 to support two charities.
Which charities are yours?
5) A day of "drinking" splurge is yours.
What are your two favorite beverages?
Where will you go to enjoy them?
Who will you enjoy them with?
6) What five things can you not live without?
7) What five achievements in your life are you proud of?
8) Top 10 people you would love to meet. Why?
9) You're left alone and without technology for a week.
How will you invest your time?
10) Five things you fear?
11) Five items on your bucket list.
12) When you look back, one year from now, what do you want to see accomplished and achieved in "your" life?
13) Name five individuals who challenge you and tell why.
14) You get to select three volunteer activities to participate in.
Name three that might appeal to you.
15) Name five areas you feel passionate about?  
16) List five hobbies.
17) List five books or movies that you find engaging.
18) Record the names of your five closest friends and one trait you prize most in each of them.
19) Five things you'd like to accomplish in the next five years.
20) Name five routine activities that are a part of your present and everyday life.
Which ones would you never want to remove?
Look over your answers and circle the five top key words or themes recorded and put your thoughts and answers in writing.
Now consider what your favorite question was and why it struck such a chord in you.
Write it down and study it.
Hmmm ...
Is it not suggestive of something, my friend?
Do your answers not shout something to you?
These words and thoughts tell a significant story about you and what God has made you for. Take them into the next chapter of your life by writing them into your life in a practical and concrete way.
You'll find yourself living again and enjoying an increased quality of purpose.
*Consider sitting down with a good friend over coffee and share your answers together. You'll be doubly blessed and you may make a few more discoveries!
There's so much life to be lived and so much more purpose in the journey when we take time to evaluate where we're presently at and make plans to actively participate in where we're going.
Love the life you live ... and start to dream again.