By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

he left her weak
not expecting her to fly,
but wings grow strong
once the cage is gone,
and she left him in the shade
with her wings in the sun.
Atticus is speaking to fear and the weary wing of its caged reality.
 We have to learn to fight back and leave the narrow "man" cage of fear in order to experience liberation.
God is the only "being" worthy to fear on earth.
Fear of man will lead us the wrong way every day!
Emphatic exclamation on this statement.
If there's any one thing more detrimental to spiritual growth and more cancer corrosive to the soul than the fear of man, I haven't found it.
Fear of man is spoken of by God repeatedly because He recognizes our desire for his approval and the sense of identity we either lose or gain based on his response.
We lie, cheat, deceive, project, pretend, and do a thousand false things to be approved by man. The fear of man is hard-wired and genetically woven into our DNA.
And as a result, it's something we must come to grips with and master.
The only way to get a handle on the fear of man is to grow in an increasing measure with a fear of God. Healthy fear is intended to drive us away from sin and into the loving embrace of a forgiving and cleansing God. Healthy fear puts God in the driver's seat and removes man from it.
It's absolutely liberating and life-altering!
"The fear of man bringeth a snare; but whoso putteth his trust in the Lord shall be safe."
-Proverbs 29:25
Our redemptive rights and "child rights" are sealed and securely tied to God the Father through Christ His Son, and realized in us by the Spirit.
The less we care what others think and the more we "mind" what God thinks, the more powerful, profound, and purposeful our lives become.
So today ...
when we're in the process of making decisions,
 let's deliberately and consciously dismiss man from the equation and think only of what God would have us do.
Then let's do it!
And let's see if our wings don't wonderfully take flight.