By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

How many people really know you?
How many people really know you?
How many people really know you?
The emphasis on one little word changes the scope and power of the question and makes it something different altogether.
But the answers to each of these questions ushers in some profound revelations to us about ourselves and about others.
Recently, I found myself engaged with an individual who was dealing with monumental personal issues. If truths were brought to light, the first domino would fall, and lead to a quick succession of the entire collection collapsing.
What to do?
Scenarios were wildly played out and potential disastrous outcomes elevated:
-Image would be ruined.
-Reputation would be lost.
-An organization would be annihilated.
-Financial disaster would be swift.
-Relationships would be profoundly altered.
-Lives would be wrecked and brought to ruin.
-Health would be jeopardized.
The list of scenarios went on and on until finally the individual collapsed and said,
"I can't do this to the people I love and I also can't go on.
I wish I was dead.
I might choose my own ending for the sake of a simpler outcome.
Suicide actually sounds relieving."
Hmmm ...
Have you ever found yourself on the "other side" of such an individual, dear reader?
Have you ever witnessed a soul convulsed in fear experiencing "soul trauma" of the deepest kind?
Have you ever witnessed truth in its most painful form and heard the sound of gutteral moans too deep for words expressing it?
Have you ever "shouldered" with a soul in prison ...
and longed for that soul to be free?
Or have you simply longed to be free of "that" individual?
Hmmm ...
How about we get real, dear reader, on some realities and truths of our own.
How about we allow the individual who "dares" to be truthful speak to us about "our" need to be truthful.
How about instead of running away, looking away, and getting away; we stay put and choose to identify with another individual's issues while dealing concretely with our own.
How about we choose to live out the truth about ourselves?
How about we make "redemption" visible?
Might this make a difference?
I think so.
It's important to note, dear reader, that this individual was sent to "me" because of an observation of the "effects of redemption" at work in me and in testimony to the power of God and the power of truth.
This is no small thing to me;
It's precious, priceless, and miraculous.
Truth is worth the telling no matter what; and I have lived it, spoken it, and bore the weight of it in many arenas.
While few would care to have my life or bear the burdens of it; I wouldn't trade it for the world. The unconditional love, mercy, and grace of God bestowed upon me cannot be adaquately articulated or understood.
I've been loved at a deep and profound level and I love at a deeper and more profound level in consequence.
The truths of others don't scare or alarm me as they once did because I have dealt with my own.
I am wiser, more discerning, more compassionate, and more beautiful.
I think God has made me "more" of everything in the end ... and the best is yet to come.
The relationships which encircle me are solidly composed of truth-telling, truth-dwellers.
I'm rich, indeed, and I welcome all truth-tellers into my growing circle; without sin or issue preventing.
It's an empowering "circle" to be a part of.
It's a sacred circle.
I invite "you" in.
Three questions were posed to the "broken" individual seated before me which held profound implications and brought guidance into "our" situation:
1) Do you believe in the sovereignty of God and His ability to transform outcomes based on truth?
2) Do you believe that the Holy Spirit is engineering, within you, the need to be truthful and God, Himself, is desirous of cleansing you, healing you, and restoring communion with you?
3) Do you believe that in the "truth-telling" you will be set free and you will find yourself in the company and healing of "truth-dwellers"?
When we have answered these three questions, in relation to any sin issue we're experiencing, and resolved within ourselves to stop determining unknown answers to our future, we begin to live out the redeemed status conferred upon us.
The truth is simple: Repentance leads to life everlasting.
Always and forever this truth shall be.
We find ourselves positioned, upon repentance, for works of service which God planned and preordained for us in advance ... with full knowledge in advance of all of our sin.
My name is Darrelyn ...
 I'm highly favored, deeply loved, and beautifully redeemed.
Who are you?
"He that covereth his sins shall not prosper; but whoso confesseth them and forsaketh them shall have mercy."
Proverbs 28:13