By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

The effective components of a gun are summed up in three words:
 Lock. Stock. Barrel.
+The lock is the firing mechanism.
+The stock is the old reference for the wooden butt-end of the gun and a broad term for the portion held.
+The barrel is the aiming guide responsible for delivering the explosive or shell.
Lock, stock, and barrel is a reference to the entirety of a gun.
Lock, stock, and barrel "individuals" are passionately absorbed, employed, and engaged in the environment they find themselves. These individuals are whole-heartedly invested in whatever is put before them. Movement, motion, and steady action define them.
They're ardently, adamantly, and energetically engaged in outcome and production.
Mmmm ...
+If you employ a "lock, stock, and barrel" employee, you'll reward them monetarily.
This individual rises to the top almost immediately and "gives off" a very special kind of energy.
Have you ever employed one or been an employee known as one?
Reflect on certain qualities.
Perhaps a raise should be entertained ...
+If you find yourself in close company with a "lock, stock, and barrel" individual, you'll find yourself ignited, inspired, and energized wonderfully.
Who's the "lock, stock, and barrel" individual in your life igniting and inspiring you to more?
What virtues are they in possession of and how are you positively affected?
+If you, yourself, are a "lock, stock, and barrel" individual, you're a highly prized, energized beauty.
Like a Winchester Model 70 (pre-1964,) you're a highly rated, sought after, desirable commodity.
 Composed and defined of mystique, appeal, intrigue, beauty, accuracy, and energy;
you bear and wear the marks of a rare Winchester M70.
Lock, stock, and barrel ... you're all in!
Pure potential.
Strong caliber.
High energy.
You're a Winchester Model 70 (pre-1964.)
You're a beauty ...
*Field and Stream rates the Winchester Model 70 (pre-1964) as the #1 "rifleman's rifle" along with many in the Firearm community.