By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Leaves like colorful confetti decorating windswept lawns.
Miniature scrolls of colored parchment crunching underfoot.
The rain falls, a semi drizzle, a transitional sentiment of season.
 I take a long walk in the cold and watch the stray colors slip silently away.
Even since yesterday, they have changed.
Metamorphic leaves changing from butterflies into caterpillars, reversing the order and moving backward into dry disarray and advancing decay.
Threadbare trees revealing naked spots and dark blemishes;
peeling bark and exposed limbs,
bleached branches and tender twigs.
Vulnerable. Exposed. Bare.
A simple rooted tree,
  a certain time to breathe ...
And a windswept soul.
And when the tree sheds Autumn leaves ...
She begins to breathe again.