By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

We are each wired differently.
Some environments we find stuffy, congestive, and detrimental while others foster growth, creativity, and ingenuity.
An environment that affords one individual growth may stifle it in another.
An environment which fosters learning in one may prevent it in another.
The effects of an environment upon one's self should be given great consideration and entered into with mindful deliberation.
Think more.
Explore more.
Experience more.
Let's look at two environmental settings and form an assessment:
+Steve is an explorative and explosive personality.
Dynamic and adventurous, he thrives on "hands on" experiences and group settings. He loves the outdoors and thrives on movement and activity. He possesses extraordinary hunting skills, is an uncanny marksman, and could hunt and fish all day long. His questions are as loud as his presence and his confidence level is exceptional. He's also intelligent, prolific, and articulative and his Dad's got his eye on him for taking over the family business, which is a lucrative Ortho practice.
Hmmm ...
Steve turns down his Dad's lucrative offer, and trades a considerable paycheck for something more substantially appealing and satisfying ... something which energizes and nurtures his passions and skills. He pursues a degree in DNR and becomes an outstanding outdoorsman who happens to intersect an individual linked, through vocation, to National Geographic. Steve's charisma and outdoorsmanship are rehearsed in the ears of a hiring agent of the organization ... and the rest is history.
Steve is a successful outdoor tour guide today for one of the largest and most highly regarded environmental and conservational organizations in the world.
Steve's deliberations paid off and he chose wisely.
His passion for the outdoors prevailed in his decision making and he's never looked back or had regret. He's also earning big bucks.
+Carol is an outstanding student.
Brilliant and over-achieving, she was voted senior valedictorian of her graduating class and then went on to graduate Summa cum laude from an Ivy League School.
Her academic credentials are impeccable, remarkable, and intimidating but her personality is introverted and relationally challenged.
Carol's dream of becoming a college professor was wonderfully realized but two years into the vocation she realized that her academic intelligence was more proficient than her relational skills. Unscripted questions and distracting classroom behavior drove her crazy and dampened her enthusiasm. A variety of unique student scenarios was presented her which stressed and drained her further in the relational arena.
Carol took a chance, quit her teaching, and rerouted her career goals.
She took on an editorial role at a large publishing firm and discovered that she was really good at it and she absolutely loves it.
She's become Senior Editor of a large Publishing House and the rest is history.
Carol gave herself permission to readjust her vocation and "utilize" her introverted tendencies in a more accommodating career.
Personalites and environments don't always mix and an understanding of how we're wired can make all the difference.
We are wise to assign and assess the environments we've thus far been placed in, in order to determine the effects upon our energy, passion, and growth.
You've been hardwired for success ...
Make sure you're enjoying it.
Ask yourself: Am I wired for this?