By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Today comes with a creative and unique assignment which will serve as a healthy catalyst to an exceptional day.
Compose a list of a dozen or more positive descriptives about yourself.
Work to expand and extend your vocabulary in this assignment by utilizing some refreshing and reinforcing new words.
This assignment should be done in writing.
It's concrete, affirming, and life-giving.
Here's a sampling and smattering of delicious words used to describe myself:
Persuasive. Ardent. Energetic. Spontaneous. Whole-hearted. Passionate. Prolific. Creative. Inventive. Strategic. Challenging. Fiery. Frisky. Enthusiastic. Vibrant. Sparkly. Glitzy. Fervent. Adamant. Active. Resolute. Focused. Intense. Influential. Prosperous. Engaged. Emphatic. Forthright. Rugged. Real. Driven. Productive. Pro-active. Positive. Urgent. Constant. Quick. Fit. Contagious. Dynamic.
Now compose a list of winged or plained animals which might describe you along with the word which identifies each.
Positive reinforcements allowed only.
+Vision of an Eagle.
+Reach of a Giraffe.
+Speed of a Cheetah
+Resourceful as a Raven.
+Agility of a Mountain Goat.
+Grace of a Swan.
+Intelligence of a Dolphin.
+Tenacity of a Honey Badger.
+Fierce as a Wolverine.
+Stride of a Thoroughbred.
+Beauty of a Leopard.
+Playful as an Otter.
The power and beauty of a high-voltage vocabulary lies in its ability to enforce, activate, and energize existing but often hidden qualities within.
When we suggest and speak to negatives, we live out negatives.
When we suggest and speak to positives, we live out life-giving, activity-generated,  beautifully affirming positives!
By utilizing these words, thoughts, and suggestions in our daily conversation, both to ourselves and others, we breed a healthy and active mindset that employs itself in activity.
We become a self-fulfilling prophecy of our own making.
I'm not going to badger you ...
but take a gander at it,
and share the bug.
See if it doesn't spread and grow some wings.
*Put your list out where you can see it and work at employing it continually.
You'll learn to love the effects ...
and you might even consider expanding it.
Word Buoyancy.