By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    Do not try to think like the others or act like the others or you shall get all switched about and not care for yourself a bit.
    Be original, creative, curious and indifferent to the minds of the masses.
    Like a man who has seen a ghost, flee the shadows and rule of certainty, traditionalism, and acceptability so engrained and imposed ... and grow in the grace of authenticity, vulnerability, and the purest form of beauty.
    Suggest to yourself and to the world that you are more than a "boxed-up version of familiar" being served up daily and contributing nothing but sameness and likeness and contribute a serving of vitality, originality, and beautiful energy through your differences and eccentricities.
    Suggest and prove to yourself that you are looking for more than approval, acceptance, adulation, and applause and take the route that looks more daring, daunting, and unbelievable:
    Take risk and you will find yourself enlarged and educated by it.
    Be daring and you will find yourself in the company of the bold, imaginative, and inspiring.
    Be original and you will see originality.
    Be different and you will respect differences.
    Be one-of-a-kind and you will draw one-of-a-kind.
    But always you are being and becoming "something," and so is everybody else.
    And so you must decide what it is you wish to be, but as for me, I will be true to myself.
    Generally, what is most different and even momentarily untidy, appeals and transmits life and energy at a different level which exonerates, frees, and eventually liberates.
    And I have found ...
    Once the skin of perfection and mediocrity has been openly shed and left behind, the self becomes real and something very beautiful.
    What very few are willing to risk and dare becomes exposed and finds itself craving more of. The search for characters, experiences, and adventures, in agreement, do situate and propagate themselves accordingly around our "dare" and become our defining.
    And here we are.
    And I think to myself ...
    We never really know who we shall turn out to be until we dare.
    -Darrelyn L.


    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    The NFL creates a list or a "Draft" by which key players are strategically highlighted and sought after for purposes of achieving victory:
    Kyler Murray, QB (Quarter Back,) Arizona Cardinals; Quennin Williams, NT (Nose Tackle,) New York Jets; Devin white, LB (Line Back,) Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
    These men compose a short list familiar to Head Coaches around the country as being excellent "Draft" selections.
    What if we created a "Draft" in like manner ... for our dreams?
    What if we selected ten qualified individuals as team players to help us arrive at our dreams?
    Who would we choose?
    How well can we identify them?
    Hmmm ...
    The ability to "Draft" specific individuals for dreams lies in the ability to concretely identify them.
    How well can you do it?
    How knowledgeable are you and how serious are you about the achievement of your dreams?  How well can you identify the skill sets of others and your own in accomplishing them? How well are you currently utilizing the strengths of those around you to achieving them?
    Do you like the "idea" of your dream or are you actually taking steps to progress and achieve your dream?
    This is a big question.
    Compose a Draft
    On a sheet of paper, compose a "Draft" of ten players who will help you achieve your dream. Be practical, specific, and concrete in your selections. Enlist each "player" with a role and title that speaks to their value, placement, and skill on your dream field.
    The more specific you are, the more likely you will progress in it.
    If Steve dreams of being a Pilot, for example, his short "Draft" might include these types of individuals:
    1) Mr. Shawn, a Discovery Flight Instructor who works with potential Pilots in the early phase of Pilot programming.
    2) Mr. Conrad, a head "Flight and Navigation" instructor at Purdue University, a top notch Avaiation school.
    3) Mr. Jones, a highly regarded and approachable licensed Pilot composed of years, experience, and with considerable references.
    Note that each of Steve's "Draft" picks are secured for specific purposes which will enable Steve to make progress toward the dream of becoming a Pilot.
    Be specific:
    Identify your dreams.
     Select your Draft.
    Head to the field.
    Work hard.
    Celebrate victory.
    Know your dream team.
    "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."
    -Isaac Newton


    Assign. Align. Assist.
    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    Individuals and endeavors that promote healing, growth, and wholeness energize, excite, and empower us.
    Three concrete steps to becoming this individual:
    1) Assign
    Assign yourself (on paper) three specific subjects that excite, energize, and empower you:
    Welding. Cooking. Gardening. Beauty. Children. Agriculture. Art. Knitting. Reading. Hiking. Writing. Animals. Care-giving. Anatomy. Education. Military. Athletics.
    Sky's the limit on this one but make sure you select three specific areas.
    "Assigning" should feel exhilarating, enjoyable, and energizing; even the words themselves should spark a hopeful surge in you.
    2) Align
    Align yourself, now, with three individuals/endeavors which are related to your subjects and which pose the possibililty of life enhancement to both self and others. Make sure at least  one of these three links you to a book. There is no substitute for reading (or audio.)
    If "gardening" happens to be one of your subjects, for example, you might enlist an individual who's a natural greenthumb, along with a nearby greenhouse, along with a character who has inspired you in the botany arena such as George Washington Carver or Joseph Banks.
    By aligning yourself with individuals and endeavors which speak to your subjects and passions, you begin to identify yourself and link yourself to new possibilities of engagement, pursuit, and empowerment in these areas.
    "Aligning" is a verb and suggests activity.
    Involve. Engage. Do.
    No procrastination allowed.
    If Sarah happens to run the local greenhouse in town, make a visit to the shop and ask about events coming up in the gardening world and sign yourself up for a class or group which will encourage new relationships with individuals of "like" interest while strengthening your knowledge, skills, and confidence on a subject you find energizing. Purchase a new plant on the way out the door and open yourself up to a new exploration, education, and adventure on plant life ... and also promote and invest in an individual who's actively engaged in a subject you love!
    Look for active ways to enhance interaction with your subjects; they're all over.
    If you're reading a book about George Washington Carver while linking yourself to other stimuli, you'll be further encouraged and inspired by ideas relevant to your subject and to you.
    "Aligning" is invigorating, challenging, and educational and assists humility, wisdom, and growth. Without implementation and appropriation of this step, there's nothing but mediocrity and lifeless identity.
    Aligning brings defining.
    3) Assist
    Give careful consideration to what fostered and fueled your early interest in the subjects you recorded and consider how you might iimplement them in the life of another.
    +Was your Dad the first individual you watched who performed the magical metal art called welding? What part of it did you love and when did you begin to feel a pulse for it?
    +Did your employer subject you to a new task of caregiving and you realized a natural inclination toward a specified area as a result? Did working with an Alzheimer's patient or a heart patient speak a clarity and constrast to you about what you loved and what you didn't?
    +Did an elementary teacher assign you a writing assignment and words effortlessly flowed from you? Did a Robert Frost or an Agatha Christie cement a desire in you?
    Hmmm ...
    All of these promising "triggers" suggest meaningful ways you might assist others.
    Provide others with refreshing and rejuvenating opportunities to try something new like you once did. Remember that beginning points are not only yours to enjoy but yours to provide. By enlisting them for others, you'll find yourself energized in the process ... guaranteed!
    If you happen to be an employer, consider attaching a new assignment to an employee and securing individuals with new interests; not only might you foster greater productivity in your employee base but you'll potentially ignite new arenas of interest and strength which will contribute to the success of your business.
    Purchase and promote books, magazines, and interactions of all kinds which pertain to more than your interests. Make sure that lunch time is surrounded with reading material that applies to areas of other individuals interests. Show thoughtfulness by investing in the interests of others and you'll leave an unforgettable impression!
    Assisting others promotes the good of others and when we do this ... we become bettered ourselves.
    Assisting is empowering!
    Assign. Align. Assist.
    And simply repeat until it becomes second nature and an applied science.
    And now you've just learned something new.
    Go and do.


    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    Individuals interested in off-line, on-time, real-time relationships and activities are growing in number.
    +Silent book reading groups are beginning to sprout up around the country as individuals come together to share space and a place ... minus cell phones, laptops, and chit-chat. The goal of these "readers" is to share a common and familiar love of reading while enjoying the quiet companionship of others in a peaceful and conducive environment.
    The desire to host and enjoy the simplicity of settings such as this appeals to many, myself included.
    Count me in.
    +Off-line retreats where people gather for week-end experiences with a desire to connect face to face and not text to text are popping up all over and thriving.
    People are getting tired of congregating around templates of Instagram, Linked-In, and Facebook and actually looking for "table-time" with real faces, real voices, and a company of people more interested and invested in personhood than Powerpoint.
    Off-line retreats are gaining momentum ... with the only uninvited guests being cell phones, laptops, and technology.
    Mmmm ... sounds delicious.
    Count me in.
    +Meditation is being actively and ardently promoted.
    Companies like Google, Apple, and Disney are actually implementing strategic measures for periods of meditation throughout the day in order to allow for creativity to surface.
    It's been observed that productivity increases greatly where the mind has been given time to recharge, reboot, and restore itself.
    Meditation aids in achieving this.
    Businesses are seeing the value in providing resting places and spaces for meaningful meditation and being met with successful results.
    Hit the "Like" button on this one and participate.
    We need quiet space and places.
    We need periods of rest and stations of rejuvenation.
    We've been created for solitude, silence, and the Sabbath.
    We must be proactive in securing ourselves with periods of contemplative rest where we become familiar with aloneness and sacred retreat.
    Indulge in solitude,
    invite it's presence into your life ...
    And encourage others to share a quiet space with you.
    Shhh ....
    Embrace the silence.
    "Wisdom grows in quiet places."


    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    In the last 24 hours, how many Facebook statuses or texts do you remember?
    How many "Likes" did you supply or texts did you reply to?
    How many "Likes" do you remember liking or texts do you recall as inspiring?
    How much wisdom was supplied you?
    Do you feel less lonely and more confident in conclusion?
    Do you feel closer and more connected to others?
    Think through the questions and legitimately answer them.
    Hmmm ...
    Put the dang phone away and start communicating with your own mind again.
    Pick up a book and read and remember the joy of learning.
    Stop allowing Google to do mental calisthenics for you and begin to assign dictionaries and commentaries to your brain plate again. Build some "mind muscle" deliberately, intentionally, and consistenly.
    See what happens.
    Give yourself a "Like" and keep on going!
    Experience mental alertness, growth, and challenging dialogue again.
    Enjoy encounters with others that are charged with stimulating thought and uninterrupted exchange.
    Enjoy the wonder of experiential knowledge through an uninterrupted visit to a library, museum, or art center.
    Minus your phone.
    Leave your phone at home more and see how much you accomplish without it.
    Get into the delicious and delightful habit of treating your phone like a "land-line" so you can begin to live again, learn again, and love to a deeper degree again.
     Remember that important phone conversations will somehow find a way and make their way back to you.
    Messages can be left ... and you're not indispensable.
    You'll be alright.
    You can do this.
    Live again.
    Dream again.
    Experience the wonder of life without interruption again.
    Who knows, but maybe a whole new relationship will begin, creativity will be sparked, new arenas of engaging will be exposed, and new areas of study will be delved into.
    Make some rejuvenating life choices.
    Literally ...
    It's your call.



    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    Creative principles ...
    Adapt and apply them.
    Creativity is spurred and encouraged when we appoint and assign ourselves specific creative measures for growth.
    Here are three concrete criticals for employing creativity.
    1) Creative Space
    Immerse yourself in spaces and places that breed creativity in you.
    Find your "Arc of Dreams" and plant yourself there continually.
    The more time you subject yourself to spaces and places that breed creativity, the more likely you are to advance in a unique and creative arena.
    If you're a scientist, maybe you find State parks appealing.
    If you're a baker, maybe you find the kitchen gratifying.
    If you're a writer, maybe you find nature energizing.
    If you're a painter, maybe you find Galleries inviting.
    If you're a hiker, maybe you find mountains exhilarating.
    Creative juices flow in creative spaces.
    Where's your "Arc of Dreams?"
    2) Solitude
    Confidence grows when we dare to be alone and dare to think our own thoughts.
    Until we get comfortable being by ourselves and utilizing solitude for our personal betterment, we are not likely to experience creative growth.
    Find your place of silence and encourage solitude.
    Listen to your own breathing and your own voice.
    Listen to the whisper of the Spirit and the communion of your own thoughts.
    The most creative and intelligent individuals welcome and insist on periods of solitude.
    Technology is a poor substitute for creativity.
    Shut it off and shut the world out.
    Invest in solitude.
    3) Write
    Writing is a declarative and concrete act which yields constructive creativity.
     When we write, even if we find writing a tedious chore, we find ourselves beginning to employ new ideas, chart new concepts, and consider new avenues and courses.
    Activating imagination and creativity begins with a single sheet of paper.
    Take advantage of simplicity and explore unlimited options via pad of paper
    Sky's the limit and mum's the word ... get it in writing.
    Creative juices flow when we begin to concretely identify words and thoughts with our desires and allow ourselves the experience of feeling them.
    Find your "Arc of Dreams" and begin to create.


    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    Should you share your dreams and desires with others or keep them to yourself?
    Research suggests a a wisdom in keeping silent.
    Here are a few reasons why:
    1) Delayed gratification demands discipline ... and so does a dream.
    Spouting off early about "larger than life dreams" provides a temporary high but wields a negative long-term outcome. We all know the feeling of early jubilation and celebration upon a fun announcement but a fun announcement rarely paves the way to an accomplished dream.
     Joe's early forecast about Law school sounded wonderful when he announced it at the last reunion ... but three months later and a few dollars short, Joe decided Law school was overrated and settled down to work at the local diner instead.
     Hmmm ...
    Indeed, individuals who yearn for adoration and applause up front are not likely to take the difficult steps necessary to achieving their dream.
     Instead of announcing a dream, go to work on it.
    Folks will see and admire your efforts on a whole different level if they see you doing something and not just saying something.
    Delayed gratification is a worthy endeavor.
    Apply yourself to it.
    2) Doesn't the announcement of a dream aid in accountability?
    Not at all.
    Individuals desirous of accountability will attack things in a strategic way and apply for help in a tangible way from those who are able to appropriately assist them.
    Accountability requires humility and help ... not applause.
    There's a big difference.

    Accountability is a strategic step toward the accomplishment of a dream that may require the telling of it to one or two, but this is for an entirely different reason than approval, applause, and a toast.
    Know the difference.
    3) Achievers don't have time to blather on about their dreams because they're too busy working to be talking. Achievers value discipline, hard work, and sacrifice and shut out unnecessary distractions and detours for the realization of a dream.
    They put in the hard work, time, and energy needed to achieve and accomplish a dream and they see it through to the end.
     These individuals enjoy a timely toast in a much larger way upon completion.
    Delayed gratification is a powerful thing.
    Wait for it.
    Think about your dreams and appreciate them but don't get lost in conversation about them.
     Get to work on them!
    Perhaps the first and greatest step to realizing a dream is simply determining to keep your mouth shut.
    Get a grip.
    Zip your lip.
    Go to work.



    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    Dream bigger and think larger:
    Where would you like to be one year from now?
    Five years from now?
    Who would you like to meet?
    Where would you like to go?
    What kinds of challenges would you like to invest yourself in?
    What subjects would you like to know more about?
    What skills would you like to see developed?
    What authors would you like to study?
    What books would you like to read?
    Write your answers down and study them.
    They're telling you a story about "you" and they matter. They also tell you something about your desires and dreams.
    Dreams become realities when we assign tangible steps to them.
    Create a stairway of fifteen steps and enlist activities that will see you to your dream;
    begin with baby steps and progress in the level of difficulty.
    One by one move up the stairway and with every step, celebrate in a specific way, once you've completed it.
    If your dream is to start a business, perhaps a "walk through" of another's successful business venture in your particular area of interest would be a good place to begin. Not only will it fire up your dream, but it will begin to help you implement incremental steps on your journey into a new business world.
    Utilize the lessons of the successful;
    you'll probably gain a new friend in the process.
    You'll also be amazed at the way a first step leads to a second step,
    and so on and so on.

    Adjust and readjust your steps.
    Change them as often as you like but keep getting closer to the peak of your dreams.
    Give yourself freedom to change, fail, and make mistakes;
    learn from them, assist others with them, and better yourself and others on the journey.
    Mmmm ...
    Dreams empower, enlarge, energize, and educate.
    The bigger they are, the more we learn, and the more alive we become.
    Dream bigger.
    Think larger.
    Engage and entertain more!
    And if you don't feel excited about a dream ...
    You're not dreaming big enough or you're not taking steps concretely enough.
    Dreams let you know that you're alive.
    Partner up with life-sized dreams and you'll find yourself partnered up with life-sized dreamers.
    It's a guarantee.
    And perhaps somewhere in the middle we'll step on one another's toes.
    Mmmm ...
    What an energizing thought.


    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    Agatha Christie. Winston Churchill. Samuel Clemens. Calvin Coolidge. Abraham Lincoln.  Charles Dickens. Karen Blixen. Georgia O'Keeffe. Virginia Woolf. Vincent Van Gogh. Ernest Hemingway. Michelangelo. Isaac Newton. Edgar Allen Poe.
    We know these individuals to be extraordinary individuals and artists:
    Prolific writers, extraordinary painters, exceptional leaders, inspiring actors, deep thinkers, and intense "feelers."
    The curious and painful commonality that bridges these "high-bred" individuals to one another is not only their extraordinary giftedness and creativity but the difficult denominator called depression as well. Each of these notable individuals fought an intense battle and struggled with ongoing bouts of depression throughout their lives.
    Some committed suicide and of those who didn't,
    each contemplated it at some point.
    -President Lincoln spoke of suicide on numerous occasions and fought clinicial depression his entire life. "His meloncholy dripped from him as he walked," said law partner William Herndon.
    -In the process of making the greatest scientific discoveries in the world, Isaac Newton suffered with severe manic depression and experienced such profound mood swings that he escaped into isolated environments to try and relieve himself of his anxiety, fear, and desperation.
    -Virginia Woolf suffered a severe mental breakdown before every novel she completed. In 1941, the breakdown turned unalterably tragic and she took her own life.
    An artist's ability to feel and experience his environment is keen, acute, and intense and this is what makes them such extraordinary, powerful, and provoking communicators. An artist has the gift to express outwardly what we all experience and identify with inwardly to some degree.
    It's really quite extraordinary.
    Appreciate the virtue of the arts and the value of great minds but don't neglect the weighty and painful realities that accompanied these individuals in the process.
    This is an education unto itself and lends a great service to us if we take time to read, view, and experience the "whole" man and not just the part that appears exceptional, provoking, and qualifying.
    Brilliant. Beautiful. Extraordinary. Painful. Confusing. Complex. Mind-boggling.
    A mixed and mingled bag of strewn emotion at the core and intertwined with the minds of great men.
    Virtues attend with trials of their own, no gift or man preventing.
    Read the man between the lines ...
    and see the whole.
    Who do "you" best identify with?


    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    The question to ask yourself isn't whether you have the answers but whether you ask the questions.
    Mmmm ...
    +Questions are a revelation about your curiosity, hunger, intelligence, thoughtfulness, and desire to learn.
    +Questions are more hearty and industrious than opinions, and more valuable than answers; they wield the power to invoke and provoke stimulating conversation and induce the mind to stand on a platform of its own.
    +Questions speak to a quest for learning and provide an advanced curriculum, education, and helpful resource for both the present and future.
    Take this three point quiz:
    1) Name three individuals who ask excellent questions and consider their level of intelligence.
    Are these individuals not given a considerable mental upgrade?
    What does this say to you about them?
    Does it not speak to humility, interest, and curiosity?
    2) Name three individuals who are continually spouting off personal opinions, ideas, and maybe even knowledge.
    What traits speak to this individual?
    Does it not assert an individual's sense of superiority, pride, and some little arrogance to some degree.
    Hmmm ....
    3) Do "you" ask questions or do you provide answers?
    What does this say about you and what does it suggest to you about yourself?
    Do you like the "you," you are?
     Consider and reflect on the questions you ask and you'll find they provide you with a stimulating commentary about yourself.
    Are you self-minded or other-minded?
    Do you speak to a desire to say more or learn more?
    Remember that questions provide fodder for relational, mental, and educational growth and wield the power to breed intimacy, exchange, and relationship with others.
    +Ask hard questions.
    +Ask probing questions.
    +Ask questions that promote and induce intelligence.
    Questions are beautiful, inspiring, and delicious.
    Questions speak to beautiful revelations about the soul.
    Ask three questions and tell me who you are.
    A thoughtful bridge to the mind of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor:
    "If there was one thing about Sonia, it was that she wasn't afraid to ask questions. She had a natural curiosity ..."
    -S. Mendoza

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