By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    Give the "bucket list" a heave-ho and let it go.
    It lacks empowerment and sounds old, at least to me.
    I'm a "kite-flying" colorful dreamer who believes in imagining dreams a mile high and experiencing adventures that deliver and empower.
    I desire to investigate and "tap" into the five senses in concrete, palpable ways which enhance and advance the experience of adventure and make it unforgettable.
    A few of you do too!
    Here's an imaginative, empowering list void of the norm ... which might get you dreaming.
    1) Enjoy a full downpour in the nude with nothiing but Irish Spring attending.
    Mmmm ...
    I can smell it already.
    2) Lie in a streambed or shallow riverbed entirely clothed but for exposed feet.
    Sounds like a barefoot delicious idea.
    3) Climb Black Elk with a handicapped individual and absorb their innocence and unparalleled wonder.
    4) Climb a tree with each of my grandchildren accompanied with a book and chocolate kisses.
    5) Experience and explore the underground of Wind Cave in the Black Hills.
    6) Enjoy a night of star gazing in the back of a truck or on top of a camper top.
    7) Climb up a deer-stand and enjoy an entire day of solitude and writing with the conclusion of a sunset.
    8) Experience femininity, beauty, and sound in a long black gown, long black gloves, and a front row seat at a Symphony.
    9) Experience the ocean at night with my preference being the Arctic.
    10) Inspire and empower three individuals in a palpable, original, and unforgettable way.
    Verbs excite.
    Activities inspire.
    Experiences rejuvenate.
    Discovery invites.
    Risk compels.
    Imagination accompanies.
    Empowerment, energy, and adventure await.
    Fly your kite ...
    and let the string out.
    Colorful Dreamer.


    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    As I believed ... so it became.
    Yesterday's prophecy became a steady fulfillment.
    Opportunities seemed everywhere, options seemed unlimited, and resources expanded exponentially.
    How can it be ... but that the thing I believed came to be.
    +Magnificent people connections were made.
    +New discoveries and networking options availed themselves.
    +Words germinated.
    +Intelligence, insight, and challenge was provoked at every turn.
    +Menial tasks were passionately embraced.
    I lived life and loved it to the full.
    The day, in and of itself, was quite ordinary BUT the mindset I'd chosen to accompany it was extraordinary.
    It made all the difference.
    Identify yourself with the identity God has ordained you with, my friend.
    If you can't see it for yourself; employ and engage yourself with hopeful "minds" that help you see and explore the endless possibilities all about you.
    Put to use every providence which intersects you.
    Consider daily providences as God's preferred provisions to "you" and read His love language in a personal and intimate way through them.
    This will change you.
    Passionately embrace the exchanges and interactions which meet you and treat them as though God Himself was engaging you.
    A life of discovery, adventure, and confidence awaits all who yield to this practice.
    Quite recently an individual was exclaiming over the curious and fortunate providences attending me. My husband made a notable and interesting observation.
    "It's not so much that Darrelyn is privy to special sightings and encounters with God as the fact that she's looking for them and more quickly identifies them as such."
    Yes, indeed, this saying is true and the secret is out.
    Identify and embrace today's providences;
    and grow familiar with the hand that's ushering them in.
    Then share your secret ...
    "As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is."
    Proverbs 23:7


    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    As sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west; this day shall of one of certain empowerment.
    JUNE 18, 2019.
    Record it. Remember it. Write it down.
    +The degraded shall be upgraded.
    +The demoted shall be promoted.
    +The outcast shall rise and stand fast.
    +The destitute shall be delivered.
    +The despised shall be prized.
    +The lowly shall be exalted.
    The pulse will quicken and the eye will see;
    The soul will rejoice and be utterly free ...
     of its burden.
    This day is yours.
    Own it. Discover it. Live in it.
    Love it.
    Opportunities are not coming ... they are here.
    Make use of them:
    +Intentionally build up and promote an unsuspecting employee or family member today.
    +Intelligently use your mind to challenge and inspire an "invisible" individual today.
    +Concretely employ the talents you've been given and transfer them tangibly to another today.
    +See the stranger and help him.
    +Perform a random and tangible act of kindness.
    +Enter into child's play.
    +Touch and hug an elderly individual.
    +Tangibly and lovingly respond to the next texter who texts you.
    Make the next one you receive your personal target and don't be choosy!
    Be unbiased, thoughtful, and generous no matter who it is.
    Hmmm ... who could it be?
    The possibilities are endless; have fun with today!
    Make use of words, quotes, flowers, gardens, vegetables, money, time, tools, books, enthusiasm, energy, encouragment ... and the like.
    Use what you have and use who you are to bless others today.
    Remember that the resources familiar and common to "you" are not common and familiar to others.
    At the end of today ... record your experience.
    Consider whether or not it wasn't made extraordinary because you strategically and creatively made it extraordinary.
    With this in mind, strategically and meaningfully consider tomorrow and plan ahead.
    Mmmm ...
    When we make our lives about others,
    we find ourselves energized, enthusiastic, and empowered.
    Today's your day ...
    Make it an extraordinary one.


    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    "There is no doubt that a person who has experienced and triumphed over tremendous adversity clearly has strong references from which to build a consistent level of confidence — a belief or faith in themselves and in others, and the capacity to overcome challenges."
    -Tony Robbins
    Consider individuals of character, depth, intelligence, and resource and you'll discover that conflicts, obstacles, and crisis were generally the creators and instigators of them. There is nothing but hopeful remedy and resource to be attached to the "common man of struggle" who accepts personal responsibility for a problematic arena of life, educates himself appropriately on it, and then utilizes it in an informed and helpful manner with the goal of bettering and helping others.
    This individual will bear an emblem, not of shame, but of valuable name recognition employed in the education and empowerment of others.
    If not now, then a time of later providence.
    Three Notable Resources:
    +A.A. began in 1935 when two hopeless alcoholics intersected.
    Bill W., was a successful New York stockbroker and Dr. Bob S., was a brilliant surgeon.
    Linked openly by a common infirmity, the two men eventually and successfully found and fostered an aid of enablement through "shared" struggle, education, and accountability.
    They called it Alcoholics Anonymous.
     Bill and Bob recognized a value in fostering relationship through a connecting struggle and created a shared fellowship where individuals gather and discover healing, growth, and restoration.
    "Bottoms up" to Bill and Bob.
    Go and do likewise.
    +Rosa Park's defied the law when she refused and rejected bus driver James F. Blake's order to seat herself in the "colored section" of a bus.
    While she wasn't the first person to resist bus segregation, she was chosen by the NAACP (National Association the for Advancement of Colored People) to represent the rights of "colored" people and become a positive and catapulting force in the early civil rights movement.
    A controversial figure and icon of resistance, Rosa Parks was familiar with suffering and persecution of a monstrous kind. She successfully, constructively, and ardently laid early claim to the rights which would eventually be procurred for all African Americans.
    Aprons off to Rosa Parks.
    Go and do likewise.
    +Johanna Mansfield Sullivan Macy, better known as Anne Sullivan, contracted an eye disease at the early age of five leaving her blind and void of writing and reading skill. The brilliant mind behind the blindness possessed a keen determination to advance in learning and went on to become an outstanding student at the Perkins School for the Blind. At 20 years old, Anne brilliantly combined and applied her extraordinary education of blindness and brilliance to wild child, Helen Keller, who became an outstanding spokeswoman for handicapped individuals around the world.
    A clink of "glasses" and cheers to Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller.
    Go and do likewise.
    These individuals didn't bulk or run from difficulties but made use of them and found themselves "sources of the greatest resources" to be imagined.
    It's through our difficulties that unimaginable discoveries are made.
    Be an individual ...
     who empowers others.
    "I knew someone had to take the first step and I made up my mind not to move."
    -Rosa Parks


    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

     Push the rewind button ...
    We’re headed for a visit to see my Dad in the pines and dense forest of northern Minnesota, land of a thousand lakes, host to an unlimited fishing supply.
    Our suitcases are brought in and our fishing poles come out. There’s still a few hours left of the evening and we decide to try our luck.
    We’re a small fishing trio: my Dad, son Joshua, and myself.
    We scan the familiar lake and silently identify our fishing posts and go our separate ways.
    I drop my line in and I know that my Dad thinks I’ve chosen a poor fishing place. He can’t help himself, and he approaches me with unsolicited advice:
    “Move anywhere, Doll (dad’s nickname for me,) but move on. You’re not going to catch anything here, the fish don’t bite in places like this.”
    Bother …
    A note of mutual irritability is silently exchanged between us. I remain intent on my humble fishing base and say nothing.
    I cast out my line again aimlessly and enjoy the peace and quiet afforded me in this hidden, serene, out of the way place.
    Content, cool, feet in the water and mind far away.
    And then I feel it … a serious jerk on the line. I’m caught off guard and almost lose my rod.
    An unexpected shout escapes me and Dad and Joshua hear me and come running.
    There’s a Northern on the other end; an able fighter, strong, healthy, and challenging.
    So am I.
    A battle ensues between the Northern and I.
    My Dad is giving directives and my son is anxiously holding the net.
    All of us are fully engaged and finally … he’s mine.
    I reel him in and admire his fight to the finish.
    Joshua, the ever prepared seasoned fisherman, equipped with a large tackle box, countless fishing lures, and an excellent knowledge and understanding of fishing technique is muttering under his breath,
    Pretty much is.
    My Dad is proud and forgets his previous reprimand, already revising history in a notable way.
    He takes my Northern to the main office for a weigh-in.
    Hmmm …
    Who would’ve guessed?
    I just landed the biggest catch of the season.
    An unseasoned individual, an unlikely place, and an amazing catch!
    I won’t mention the size of the fish;
    Just know that it beats the size of yours by an ounce and an inch.
    What a great and unexpected evening!
    I can't help but be internally amused as I watch my father and Joshua retire from their chosen stations and select a new environment closer to me and similar to mine.

    And the point made:
    Sometimes God takes us by surprise.
    Sometimes when we least expect it and least deserve it,
    God does a God thing in our ordinary lives.
    He sends a big fish our way, in some form, and temporarily jars us from the routine.
    He invites us to experience the extraordinary in an ordinary moment:
    +Moses and the burning bush.
    +David’s call from the sheepfold.
    +Hannah’s fortified womb.
    +Mary’s call to carry the Christ.

    God doesn’t do marvelous things because we’re marvelous people.
    He does marvelous things because He’s a marvelous God.
    He doesn’t need a big tackle box or equipped individuals.
    Sometimes God gives the biggest catch of the day to the unqualified, unlikely, unchosen, and unsuspecting.
    He does "God like" things to "ungodly like" people,
    just because He’s God.
    God’s a living wonder that pulls us under …
    and takes us deeper.



    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    Norman Vincent Peale is my dear and brilliant friend; a companion who never fails to provide stimulation, elevation, and empowerment of the most positive and forceful kind.
    Enjoy his challenging excerpt from his International Bestselling book:
    "The Power of Positive Thinking" and throw yourself over the bar.
    "A famous trapeze artist was instructing his students how to perform on the high-trapeze bar. Finally, having given full explanations and instruction in this skill, he told them to demonstrate their ability.
    One student, looking up at the insecure perch upon which he must perform, was suddenly filled with fear. He froze completely. He had a terrifying vision of himself falling to the ground. He couldn't move a muscle, so deep was his fright. 'I can't do it! I can't do it!' he gasped.
    The instructor put his arm around the boy's shoulder and said, 'Son, you can do it, and I will tell you how.' Then he made a statement which is of inestimable importance. It is one of the wisest remarks I have ever heard.
    He said,
    'Throw your heart over the bar and your body will follow.'
    Copy that one sentence. Write it on a card and put it in your pocket. Place it under the glass on your desktop. Tack it up on your wall. Stick it on your shaving mirror. Better still, write it on your mind, you who really want to do something with life. It's packed with power, that sentence.
    'Throw your heart over the bar and your body wll follow.'
    Expect the best, not the worst, and you will attain your heart's desire."
    Pack your life with power ...
    and pass it along.


    By: Darrelyn L .Tutt

    Fascinating little spandex factoid:
    "The development of spandex was started during World War II. At this time, chemists took on the challenge of developing synthetic replacements for rubber. Two primary motivating factors prompted their research. First, the war effort required most of the available rubber for building equipment. Second, the price of rubber was unstable and it fluctuated frequently. Developing an alternative to rubber could solve both problems.
    The first spandex fibers were produced on an experimental level by one of the early pioneers in polymer chemistry, Farbenfabriken Bayer. He earned a German patent for his synthesis in 1952. The final development of the fibers were worked out independently by scientists at Du Pont and the U.S. Rubber Company. Due Pont used the brand name Lycra and began full scale manufacture in 1962. They are currently the world leader in the production of spandex fibers."
    -Perry Romanowski
     Spandex has now become a common fabric ingredient. It allows for moveability and mobility in thread while retaining "shapeability" in appearance.
    It's a popular and effective thread woven into athletic gear and undergarments, supremely valued for its ability to provide contour and shape in a lightweight manner while maintaining a condusive flexibility for activity.
    In shopping for hiking gear, I look for a certain percentage of spandex to be woven into it and appreciate its lightweight feel.
    But there's a context to spandex which speaks beyond the material realm and into the personal realm to me:
    I wish to be an individual composed of spandex.
    I desire for my mind to be composed of a high percentage of hearty spandex ingredient,
     and for my soul to contain the glorious thread of elasticity called Lycra.
    The difficulties and obstacles which paralyze, immobilize, and unravel so many,
    I wish to be "spandexed" and "elasticized" by, in order to experience growth, resiliency, movement, possibility, and expandability.
    I wish to be an adaptable individual composed of 100% supernatural spandex.
    I crave minds which agree with redemptive and unhampered movement,
    and souls expanded by the Spirit's elasticity.
    To move in anything less is to forfeit empowerment of the Spirit's capability and activity ... at least in my mind.
    Expandable. Stretchable. Durable. Moveable. Resilient.
    Threads of the Spirit produce mobility.
    Move with me ...
    Experience spandex elasticity.



    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    Settled on the Lees' ...
    "This is an old bibilical idiom but still used. It refers to the lees (dregs, sediments) of wine or other liquids that settle in the bottom of the containing vessel if it is not disturbed."
    To be shaken up and "lifted from the lees" is a most divine and miraculous occurance and men who experience it become men of great character and mission.
    Look to the following and consider whether this is not so:
    *Biblical characters: Moses. Joseph. Deborah. Ruth. David. Paul. Peter.
    *Historical characters: George Washington. Frederick Douglass. Harriet Tubman. Clara Barton. Mahatma Gandhi. Nelson Mandela. Martin Luther King Jr. Abraham Lincoln. Napoleon Bonaparte. Rosa Parks.
    *Motivational individuals: Tony Robbins. Norman Vincent Peale. Brene' Brown. Jim Rohn.
    *Inventors: Thomas Edison. Alexander Graham Bell. Henry Ford. Wright brothers. Eli Whitney.
    *Artists: Michelangelo. Vincent van Gogh. Pablo Picasso. Leonardo de Vinci. Claude Monet.
    *Men of Medicine: Paul Ehrlich. Frederick Banting. Louis Pasteur. Joseph Priestley.
    An enlistment of great names associated with any arena of life supports and suggests the reality that "uncommon men" are uncommonly "shaken and taken" from the lees, unwilling to "settle on the lees," and men composed of character and curious substance.
    +To be "shaken-up" is a good thing and profitable to the soul.
    The experience of it removes stagnancy, dormancy, and settling from occuring.
    Originality, creativity, discovery, and intelligence are the results.
    +To be in the minority is often a very healthy thing.
    The experience of it supports conscience and conviction resulting in refined and defined character.
    +To be shaken is to be divided and set-apart.
    The experience of separation allows for growth, concentration, heightened awareness, and depth of insight and intelligence.
    If we wish to mingle with the circle of great minds and great men,
    we must willingly apply ourselves to the more difficult shake-ups, unsettlings, and distresses intended to unite us with them.
    We must welcome the "shake-ups," no matter how dreadful and uncomfortable they appear and subscribe ourselves to the exhilaration, experience, and knowledge of a weightier thing to come.
    It will happen eventually ... though the process takes time.
    The providences of God generally do.
    All who are "shaken from the lees" have no time to "settle" on them.
    Shaken men shake the world ...
    and shape lives.


    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    Our lives are governed by the voices we subject ourselves to;
    and libraries afford us with free access to an unlimited and expansive volume of them.
    Should we really choose Facebook, television, and entertainment over exploration, growth, and discovery?
    Should we really "dumb" ourselves down and seek for company in the confines of small circles of stagnant men bent on nothing more than surface conversation and small mind gossip?
    It won't do for me ... and I don't think it will do for you either.
    Great men whisper great secrets.
    Read. Read. Read.
    The force of Frederick Douglass rips through my soul with such velocity that I'm inspired and urged to share a few notables:
    +In 1845 and on the heels of Frederick's remarkable autobiography, he fled to the British Isles where he sought refuge from a "still feared" slave owner whom he had narrowly escaped. He received royal treatment here and received a hero's welcome in Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales.
    "This man cut out for a hero was also cut out for traveling. He toured the British Isles for nearly two years."
    Afforded a free and open voice, he utilized his "tools of torture" and shared his story of slavery. Perhaps Frederick's visible instruments spoke louder than his voice:
    -Brandings and torturous treatments etched into his skin with infirmed finality.
    Frederick's message spread like fire across the Isles.
    The more he spoke, the more empowered he became.
    "Frederick was reborn. He felt so free. To chat with relatives of the Scottish poet Robert Burns  when in Ayr. To marvel at Edinburgh's monument to the wondrous writer Sir Walter Scott. To visit art galleries, botanic gardens, and other attractions.
    Frederick had a front row seat to a three-hour debate in Parliament.
    Grand, too, was the day Frederick met Daniel O'Connell, the Irish Catholics' "Liberator" or "Emancipator." For years this big, bulky, magnetic man and riveting speaker had crusaded for the repeal of England's anti-Roman Catholic laws, such as those barring Catholics from serving in Parliament.
    ... Frederick admired O'Connell's devotion to his people, reveled in his fighting spirit. He was grateful to him too."
    The voice of Frederick Douglass encapsulates my mind, propels me to greater activity, and inspires movement and clarity. He's a positive and productive resource in my life.
    I listen to him, sit with him, and find myself energized by him.
    An invitation into my writing room would lead you to three energizing quotes recorded on my white board and dictated by him.
     Listen to the voice of Frederick Douglass:
    "If there is no struggle, there is no progress."
    "I prayed for twenty years but received no answer until I prayed with my legs."
    "The soul that is within me no man can degrade."
    A great voice produces great empowerment.
    Whispering Secrets ...


    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    Stringent rules act as horrific task masters.
    When rules become masters of enslavement instead of ministers of empowerment ... we find ourselves subject to a legalistic, unredemptive scrutiny.
    -The beauty of relationship, rawness, and realness is annihilated.
    -The beauty of trial, error, and learning is obliterated.
    -The rejuvenating elements of adventure, playfulness, and creativity are stoned, shunned, and silenced.
    When rules become about controlling conduct instead of engaging and encouraging empowerment and growth, it's time for rules to be broken.
    Hmmm ...
    God doesn't need more rule-makers;
    He needs more redemption-takers.
    He needs us to become active, ardent participants in rebranding the theme of His Son's life called redemption.
    Perhaps some of us must break our own rules to make this discovery.
    We are constantly changing, revolving, growing, and evolving through life experiences.
    At least we ought to be.
    When rules impair and prevent these ideals from occurring, they must be reconfigured, reassessed, restructured, and confessed.
    Assess your "rules" for engaging and the purpose for which they serve.
    Empowerment or Enslavement ...
    Select your Rules of Engagement wisely.
    "She broke every rule she'd ever made and learned in doing so ...
    that her journey had just begun."

    -Darrelyn L. Tutt

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