By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    23° beautiful.
    A deep throbbing, bruised blue sky sets off an emblazened orange helium sun working hard to lay her head down at day's end. A fire glow of red, copper, and burnt orange "halo" and surround her, making tranquil her ancient, fading, golden head.
    The sun bows quiet and dips low, a healthy after-glow, receding into a line of trees.
    I watch her fade and transition from circle, to half-circle, and then finally slivered disk; fading slowly and then gone.
    I feel the silent stillness of cold and the icy fire surrounding. Listen to the quiet sounds of dark in dimlit cold. Smell the sharp contrast of earth and sky dividing.
    Trace the cold bark intersecting naked finger with naked tree.
    Fallen leaves, a fading carpet for my feet.
    It's 23° beautiful ...
     An evening soliloquy
    I was chastened for walking in the 23° cold but forgiven by a landscape that invited me in. Senses were arrested and soul came alive. There's beauty in the cold ... and clarity of soul.
    A swollen blue soul dipping low with words beneath the treeline. Enflamed thoughts ablaze in copper and golden hue. Wind tears falling on cherry cheeks and soul resigning.
    Another day, another eve ...
    And thoughts of you.
    23° beautiful.
    " ... and then, I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough?"
    -Vincent van Gogh


    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    Originality is liberating.
    It frees the soul to see things differently ... allows the mind to sort things out creatively and distinctively. Original individuals are free thinkers, fierce motivators, and confident individuals who stand out in stark contrast to the "norms" of society's majority. Originality is unorthodox, non-conforming, and eccentrically beautiful.
    Dare, risk, and confidence are components of originality.
    Originality is nothing more than the dare to be one-of-a kind.
    "To myself I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me."
    -Sir Isaac Newton

    Sir Isaac Newton is thought to be one of the greatest intellectuals who ever lived.
    His life was governed by eccentricity, individuality, and originality.
    He thought like no one and, thus, he acted like no one.
    The mind that teemed with scientific formulas, alchemy, and gravity contained an original gravity of its own and continually ran contrary to the scientific minds of the day.
    Sir Isaac Newton was a non-conforming, unorthodox thinker who ended up making history and some of the greatest scientific discoveries of the day.
    Originality is a dare to be different.
     "It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation."
    -Herman Melville

    Herman Melville, famed author of Moby Dick and other great writings, experienced profound and prolonged periods of difficulty in childhood, youth, and early adulthood.
    His father viewed him as dim-witted and unintelligent though really Herman's mind was composed of a most complex and extraordinary "originality" and eccentricity. The curious character of Herman Melville was composed of brilliant complexities and imaginations that would spur the mind and pen and eventually make him famous.
    Failed attempts at common mens' vocations (banking, teaching, etc.) drew him to the sea, where he experienced the adventure of a lifetime in 1845, while being captured for several months on a voyage.
    Close friend and confidant, Nathaniel Hawthorne, also prized for his originality, urged and encouraged Herman to write in an original "bent" and style of his own.
    "Call me Ishmael."
    The original first line of MOBY DICK is irrefutable evidence of Herman Melville's originality.
    Originality is a dare to be different.
    "I shall not die of a cold. I shall die of having lived."
    -Willa Cather

    The beauty of author Willa Cather lies in her non-conformist ideas and original views.
    Willa's novels include:
    Even in her youth, Willa was identified by eccentricity, ingenuity, and originality.
    While living in a "roughed out quarter" on the flat Nebraska prairies, and not more than 15 years old, Willa marched into the local barbershop and had her beautiful auburn tresses hacked off. She outfitted herself in a blazer, starched shirt, and tie and requested that people call her "Willie."
    Hmmm ... would she be remembered one wonders? Ha.
    Housing a brilliant mind, she switched her degree from medicine to journalism and went on to write some of the greatest works and words known to literature.
    Leon Edel, the great biographer, viewed her works as greater than Hemingway's and afforded her the compliment,
    "The day will come when she'll be ranked above Hemingway."
    Indeed ...
    Willa's world was entirely original.
    Originality is a dare to be different.
    Originality is a bold step into a world teeming with conformity and conventionality.
    Originality requires a pioneering effort and a pioneering personality. It veers down its own path and subjects itself to its own whims, wonderings, and wanderings.
    Originality is a trail-blazing quest and encounter with authenticity.
      One must confidently, ardently, and audaciousy strike out on it ... and be forever changed in the process.
    Originality is the most beautiful and original "dare" in the world.
    Is there anything more radiant and beautiful ... than that which is set apart and entirely original?
    -Darrelyn L. Tutt


    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    The greater the odds stacked against me,
    The higher my heart seems to soar;
    The stronger becomes the resistance,
    The strength that is only the more.

    Surely the woes of affliction,
    The strain of adversity great;
    Is merely the sign of a pruning,
    A marking and sealing of fate.

    Look on the man with the sorrow,
    Not with a pity or strain;
    But see how his pathway is straightened,
    Thrust by the springboard of pain.

    O for the heights that do tower,
    That teach us the lessons we learn;
    And O for the heart cultivating,
    The wisdom to rightly discern.

     Joy shall be mine in the morning,
    Sweetest the rays of the sun;
    On he who has walked through the darkness,
    And waits …
    For the morning to come.
    Success is realized by individuals who refuse to give up.


    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    Words wield a provoking power.
    When we assign positive and affirmative words to difficult and negative scenarios we align ourselves with admirable traits of courage, confidence, and empowerment.
    By selecting specific words we can alter our mindset, mood, and even our movements; we can also alter the lives of others.
    Ugly scenarios and rancid mouths can be replaced with beautiful responses and confident expressions.
    It's not easy but it's possible.
    Out of the mouths of babes ... and mindful adults, purposeful and productive activities can flow from a purposeful and progressive mindset.
    Rejection or Redirection Scenarios:
    Doug and Cindy split up after 15 years of marriage.
    Accusations flew back and forth and divorce proceedings turned horrifyingly ugly. Friends and family members took sides and Doug ended up being almost entirely ostrasized and cast out of old familiar social gatherings by the time it was over.
    It was devastating, demoralizing, and degrading.
    For awhile Doug fought back ... and then he realized he was wasting a lot of precious energy on a relationship that had dissolved and disintegrated into the remains of a disillusioning mess.
    It was time for the bleeding to stop.
    Doug made a few phone calls and linked himself to a counselor and group of men that fortified and energized him weekly. He also began to make use of resources around him. He applied himself to reading, some occasional writing, and a fresh new hobby of sky-diving. He's forged new relationships through new areas of interest and enjoying life more than ever.
    He also began to jump-start his day with a profound and meaningful sentence that dramatically altered and began to govern his life:
    Rejection is redirection and an invitation to change.
    Doug chose to cauterize the verbal frenzy and heartache with positive and forcible words and activities.
    He chose to apply positive words to his hurt and angry "ex" and remember the better times in the earlier years of their marriage. He refused to speak about private matters to Cindy and to others and found safety and wisdom in entrusting his emotional outbursts to an experienced counselor and in a safe environment.
    Cindy continues to vent, rant, and rave.
    Doug continues to heal, forgive, and be brave.
    Rejection or Redirection.
    Doug chose wisely.
    Becky was looking forward to a well-deserved promotion in a large advertising company.
    She'd worked hard and secured the company with extraordinary clientele over a five year period and been highly recommended for the chief editorial position sitting vacant. She was a shoe-in. On top of her game and filled with experience, expertise, and charisma, Becky was the employee every employer dreams of:
    Committed. Charismatic. Confident.
    Imagine Becky's dismay and disbelief when she learned that her boss's romantic interests with Samantha (6 months on the job) deposited itself directly into the lap of the promotional position she'd been waiting for and was given to Samantha. The sizeable pay-increase given as a "consolation prize" was not comparable to the coveted position she'd labored and worked for.
    She fumed, fussed, and fidgeted internally.
    She felt used, angry, and undermined.
    A friend wisely sized up her situation and invited her to a motivational seminar which introduced Becky to some new thinking patterns.
    One compelling and empowering thought struck her:
    She could view her difficulty as a rejection or redirection.
    Hmmm ...
    It was up to her to decide.
    Becky began to explore the wide range of vocational options that existed around her and realized that the sky was the limit in where she could potentially go. She began to visit companies that appealed to her and ended up with a range of excellent selections to pick from.
    She said good-bye to her old boss, thanked him for the employment opportunity of five strong years, and surprised herself by settling on a company in Seattle and relocating. She's absolutely on fire and hot on the wire in her new job. She loves her new location, vocation, and interests and she's networked into new relationships, resources, and interests. She's enjoying a life she never knew existed.
    Becky chose wisely in assigning herself some healthy new thinking patterns.
    Her life has changed beautifully, dramatically, and for the better.
    Think your situation over and readjust your mindset.
    Rejected or Redirected ...
    No one decides but you.



    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    "Self-confidence can be learned, practiced, and mastered just like any other skill. Once you master it, everything in your life will change for the better."
    -Barrie Davenport
    Barrie is speaking a confident language which applies to all of us.
    By implementing five specific strategies, we can become individuals defined as successful, empowered, and confident.
    Begin to apply the ground rules immediately:
    1) Attitude
    Attitude affects confidence ...
    and nothing breeds confidence like a positive and upbeat one.
    Confident and hopeful individuals are adept at translating negatives into positives and  obstacles into opportunities by which they grow and experience success.
     A positive attitude deposits life, energy, and a sense of adventure into the most despairing of  scenarios transforming them into confident outcomes and highlighting confident individuals.
    Refuse to dwell with negativity and give it the heave-ho.
     Contribute positivity forcibly and continually.
    Become known for it!
    A positive attitude breeds confidence.
    2) Body Language
    The way you carry yourself tells a story about what you think about yourself.
    Study yourself in the mirror and take a look at what you're suggesting:
    +Squared shoulders, a well-positioned head, and alert eyes convey a confident manner.
    +Thoughtful and articulate language conveys a thoughtful and confident mind.
    +A pleasant smile and earnest words have the power to convey and carry confidence into the most difficult of settings, positively affecting the most negative of souls.
    +Clothing and dress suggests or robs of confidence. Wear yourself on your sleeve, literally, and communicate a message that makes you feel confident.
    Your wardrobe should enhance your level of confidence.
    Wear it confidently.
    3) Personal Responsibility
    Learn how to assume personal responsibility and you'll become the most confident individual in the room.
    The biggest story about confidence may well lie in one's ability to take responsibility for poor decisions and past mistakes and utilize them for the good and growth of others.
    Confidence requires courage, forthrightness, and the ability to see what "can be" instead of "what is."
    Confidence is clarifying and extremely settling in difficult situations;
    it conveys positive reinforcement and employs itself toward healthy and meaningful outcomes.
    Assume personal responsibility and you'll assume a special set of confidence skills.
    4) Read
    There's nothing like intelligence to foster confidence and nothing like reading to foster intelligence.
    Reading provides the mind with endless options, resources, and discourses.
    Reading provides education instead of condemnation and implants and infuses the mind with solutions instead of problems and positive "long-terms" instead of negative "short-terms".
    Reading expands the mind, the actions, and the whole man.
    Substantial readers become confident thinkers ... and confident thinkers become confident students of life.
    Read for confidence.
    5) Risk
    Confident individuals are willing to take risks even if it means standing alone.
    Confident individuals experience the same distressing emotions and thoughts as the fearful majority but refuse to act "like" the majority.
    Confident individuals understand that taking risk is part of a greater process of realizing and experience growth. Failure to take risk is failure to achieve confidence in the end.
    Go out on a limb ...
    Learn to go it alone.
    Confident people learn and develop confidence where there's a minority of one.
    One might be a lonely number ... but it's also an assertion of confidence.
    Confident individuals find their niche in taking risk and daring to go solo.
    Confidence can be learned and is highly contagious ... not to mention sexy.
    Step into life confidently.
    Begin now.



    Stay your course in the tough stuff.
    The bend in the road is the not end of the road ....
    just a new and different direction placed before you. It's natural to feel overwhelmed, hesitant, and maybe even a little bit afraid BUT some great things are coming and you're going to experience them. Keep going!
    A few of you are struggling through some difficult and draining challenges. Here's a word to help cheer, bolster, and encourage you.
    Be encouraged.
    Your time is coming ...
    Your hour is near.
    “Something tough will happen and you’ll want to fold up, pack up, back up, and go home.
    But don’t count yourself out just yet.
    A setback is only a shutdown if you choose to shut it down.
    Around the corner it gets even tougher; but your joy is that much deeper as you see the finish line.
    If God has given you a dream, of course it’ll be tough. Anything the size of God’s very own dreams will be crazy difficult. Which is exactly why we need Him and the very reason you’ll be able to follow through.
    In the end, you and everyone else will recognize it could not have been you, but God Himself flexing His breath through your heart and hands.
    - J.S. Park


    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    Don't stop short of your goals.
    Dream bigger and think larger.
    Imagine more ... get out and explore.
    There's a whole world around you waiting to be uncovered and discovered!
    The only obstacle on the pathway to your dreams is "you."
    Those who achieve, simply believe they can, and set out and do something tangible.
    Five empowerments to get you moving:
    1) Pad and Paper
    Get one out and assign yourself ten big adventures!
    Have you always wanted to run a marathon? Have you dreamed of owning your own business? Would you like to attend a concert or attend a motivational seminar? Do you want to give up gambling? Do you want to give up drinking? Do you want to take up crafting or begin a job at welding?
    Write it down.
    2) Five Stars
    Out of the ten ... select five.
    We're going to go for the gold in these.
    These special "five" speak to us about what we're truly passionate about.
    These particular five tell us about a drive within.
    These five make us come alive ... and fill us with life, energy, and passion.
    You should feel yourself excited and breathing hard on this one.
    Select five.
    3) Do Something
    Which "one" of the five can be concretely identified with tangible steps attached?
    This is the one we're going to focus on:
    If running a marathon is on your list, get your running gear out and start running today. If ending an addictive cyle is on your hit list, do a Google search and find out what cities or communities near you have programs that offer assistance, and get yourself signed up. If starting a small business is on your list, contact a banker, make an appointment, and look into the financial feasibiity of it.
    Not tomorrow, not later today ... now.
    Once you DO something, you'll find yourself wanting to do more of something, and you'll trigger passionate impulses which have been lying dorment inside of you that keep you going.
    Starting a productive, progressive, positive cycle in our lives, in any area, has a domino effect upon all other areas of our lives. It's totally and 100% empowering.
    Can't affect one ... without the others.
    Do something.
    4) Read
    Reading feeds, fuels, and fosters intelligence, curiosity, passion, and confidence in any and every area of life.
    Anything is possible and "masterable" to those who read.
    Books are a sure guide and a steady ride to everywhere. Individuals who read go places and meet faces that impact the world.
    If you're into marathon running, pick up books about racers and runners.
    If you're looking to quit a habit, pick up books about people who struggled with your issue and emerged successful and triumphant.
    If you're looking to begin a small business, pick up books on financial enterprise and entrepreneurship.
    "Pick the brains" of others who have been where you are and link yourself with some confidence-boosting resources.
    Read! Read!! Read!!!
    It will help you Do! Do!! Do!!!
    5) Rehearse the High
    Once you've taken your first tangible step, write down its impact on you and share it with others. Positive rehearsal has an extremely empowering and contagious effect.
    Take time to feel and think about your achievement and simply bask in the afterglow of it! Achievement has the ability to empower and take you into your next hour.
    Do you feel invigorated, excited, energized?
    Do you feel like you can do anything and achieve anything with some fresh wind on your back?
    Do you feel capable, intelligent, and a little more confident?
    You should.
    You worked for it!
    Rehearse, savor, and enjoy the high.
    Employ yourself in a dream mission and refuse to settle for "tired out and done" when you've barely just begun.
    We don't come alive until we're engaged in what makes us come alive!
    And we don't come alive without some risk.
    Dare to be different.
    Dare to take a different ride.
    Dare to take a fall and remember that "falls" are part of the journey and, perhaps even, the most valuable and healthy part of it.
    Dare to arrive somewhere different and you'll become someone very beautiful and different in the process.
    There's a place reserved for you ...
    You have what it takes.
    "Never limit yourself because of others' imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination."
    -Mae Jemison

    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    " ... she was incapable of being lukewarm about anything that pleased her. She simply did not know how to give a halfhearted response. When she was delighted, she was as likely as not to stand on her tiptoes and clap her hands. If people laughed at her, she laughed with them."
    -Willa Cather
    I've read these lines a thousand times and then once more ... and even clapped.
    With the woman I'm familiar and with the nature I'm united.
    We are one.
    It's a curious thing to be engaged in a book and find one's self spilled out across the pages. It's a mysterious providence to find one's self staring back from between the lines and connecting familiar dots that could have been one's own.
    And there she was and there I was ... on a prarie landscape.
    Inside the brain
    Two memories that long had lain
    Now quivered toward each other, lipped
    Together, and together slipped;
    And for a moment all was plain ...
    -Robert Frost
    Reading is an extraordinary and empowering activity:
    It fosters inflection, reflection, and creativity.
    It induces empathy and sympathy.
    It speaks to commonality and individuality and invites us into intimate camaraderie ... if we will dare. Reading implores the mind to think and encourages the mind to explore the way others think.
    And sometimes when we least expect it, we meet up with ourselves in the middle, and discover our truest selves between the lines written by another.
    Two memories that long had lain ...


    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    We are each wired differently.
    Some environments we find stuffy, congestive, and detrimental while others foster growth, creativity, and ingenuity.
    An environment that affords one individual growth may stifle it in another.
    An environment which fosters learning in one may prevent it in another.
    The effects of an environment upon one's self should be given great consideration and entered into with mindful deliberation.
    Think more.
    Explore more.
    Experience more.
    Let's look at two environmental settings and form an assessment:
    +Steve is an explorative and explosive personality.
    Dynamic and adventurous, he thrives on "hands on" experiences and group settings. He loves the outdoors and thrives on movement and activity. He possesses extraordinary hunting skills, is an uncanny marksman, and could hunt and fish all day long. His questions are as loud as his presence and his confidence level is exceptional. He's also intelligent, prolific, and articulative and his Dad's got his eye on him for taking over the family business, which is a lucrative Ortho practice.
    Hmmm ...
    Steve turns down his Dad's lucrative offer, and trades a considerable paycheck for something more substantially appealing and satisfying ... something which energizes and nurtures his passions and skills. He pursues a degree in DNR and becomes an outstanding outdoorsman who happens to intersect an individual linked, through vocation, to National Geographic. Steve's charisma and outdoorsmanship are rehearsed in the ears of a hiring agent of the organization ... and the rest is history.
    Steve is a successful outdoor tour guide today for one of the largest and most highly regarded environmental and conservational organizations in the world.
    Steve's deliberations paid off and he chose wisely.
    His passion for the outdoors prevailed in his decision making and he's never looked back or had regret. He's also earning big bucks.
    +Carol is an outstanding student.
    Brilliant and over-achieving, she was voted senior valedictorian of her graduating class and then went on to graduate Summa cum laude from an Ivy League School.
    Her academic credentials are impeccable, remarkable, and intimidating but her personality is introverted and relationally challenged.
    Carol's dream of becoming a college professor was wonderfully realized but two years into the vocation she realized that her academic intelligence was more proficient than her relational skills. Unscripted questions and distracting classroom behavior drove her crazy and dampened her enthusiasm. A variety of unique student scenarios was presented her which stressed and drained her further in the relational arena.
    Carol took a chance, quit her teaching, and rerouted her career goals.
    She took on an editorial role at a large publishing firm and discovered that she was really good at it and she absolutely loves it.
    She's become Senior Editor of a large Publishing House and the rest is history.
    Carol gave herself permission to readjust her vocation and "utilize" her introverted tendencies in a more accommodating career.
    Personalites and environments don't always mix and an understanding of how we're wired can make all the difference.
    We are wise to assign and assess the environments we've thus far been placed in, in order to determine the effects upon our energy, passion, and growth.
    You've been hardwired for success ...
    Make sure you're enjoying it.
    Ask yourself: Am I wired for this?



    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    Last night we were invited to a bronze "pour" whereby we watched the remarkable process of bronze being melted and translated into hungry, naked molds; part of the extraordinary process of sculpture-casting.
     We watched individuals garbed in heavy leather, wearing welding masks, and heavy aprons transport, translate, and heat up bronze in a great cauldron to 2100° (the double 00's are correct.)
    We surveyed a curious and serious scene composed of five masked and busy "bee-keepers" (that's what they looked like) for about forty-five minutes, absolutely amazed and intrigued by the enormity and severity of it all.
    I felt like we'd been invited into a Sci-fi scene of Darth Vader-costumed men leading us into an afterworld of strange glowing time machines.
    Absolutely magnificent!
    Once the bronze was heated up to 2100° and the dross was removed and ladled off, it was allowed to cool to 1900° and finally deemed "pourable".
    A great pulley system, operated manually by two men, lifted the great cauldron out of the heat and maneuvered it over the top of the empty, waiting sculpture molds which were supported by sand in a great iron holding tank. A spout in the cauldron was then positioned directly over the molds enabling bright, orange-flowing lava to escape from the hot cauldron's mouth and be emptied ... something akin to thick, boiling pumpkin soup.
    One sculpture mold at a time, the pot heaved out generous portions of bronze boiling stew into the open-mouthed molds.
    A great iron spatula scraped out the "bowl" and cleaned it out entirely; and then the pulleys returned the empty cauldron to it's slow cooling burner while the sound of popcorn "popping" could be heard from within the molds, due to the force and pressure of the cooling bronze.
    The time for sitting, settling, and cooling had come.
     I stood spellbound at the end, utterly captivated by the bronze "pour" experience.
    The process of sculpting intrigues me to a greater and growing degree, literally, and involves so much more than a Sculptor's gifted hands and imaginative mind:
    2100° is required along with the work of the busy "bee-keepers."
    It takes dreadful heat and many men, in the end, to complete a work of art.
    The same can be said for the soul.

    And I think to myself ...
     In one night an education was provided me because it had been sought.
    I looked for the experience, asked for it, claimed it, and then the bronze pour experience became my own and shared with my best friend.
    My understanding of art is now magnified.
    My appreciation for the Sculptor is intensified.
    My soul is both gratified and mystified.
      I'm left wide-eyed and electrified.
    Bronze pour impact.
    An education will do that for you.
    Explore new worlds ...
    Experience a "bronze pour" of your own.

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