By: Darrelyn L .Tutt

    Yesterday bridged me to a song I'd never heard before.
    Kenny Rogers led me to it through yesterday's "Words" ... quite by accident.
    The chorus captivated, the message resonated, and the words provoked.
    Gentle. Forcible. Soft. Strong. Tender. Resilient. Evoking.
    A winged message of contrast.
    A woman composed of both sparrow and eagle.
    Resilience, flight, and fight all woven into one.
    Without further ado ...
     I welcome you to the words of Dolly Parton.
    By: Dolly Parton

    She's been there
    God knows she's been there
    She has seen and done it all
    She's a woman, she knows how to
    Dish it out and take it all
    Her heart's as soft as feathers
    Still she weathers stormy skies
    She's a sparrow when she's broken
    She's an eagle when she flies

    A kaleidoscope of colors
    You can toss her round and round
    You can keep her in your vision
    But you'll never keep her down
    She's a lover, she's a mother,
    She's a friend, and she's a wife
    She's a sparrow when she's broken
    She's an eagle when she flies

    Gentle as a sweet magnolia
    Strong as steel, her faith and pride
    She's an everlasting shoulder
    She's the leaning post of life
    She hurts deep and when she weeps
    She's just as fragile as a child
    She's a sparrow when she's broken
    She's an eagle when she flies

    She's a sparrow when she's broken
    But she's an eagle when she flies
    Oh, bless her Lord,
    She's an eagle when she flies
    Softly Evoking ...



    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    1) Daniel Negreanu - $34,151,327.
    2) Erik Seidel - $33,333,457.
    3) Antonio Esfandiari - $27,096,274.
    4) Fedor Holz - $26,746,838.
    5) Phil Ivey - $23,466,348.
    For those of you unfamiliar with a deck of cards, these names will mean nothing to you.
    But for those of you seasoned with gambling and the card playing arena, you'll identify them quickly as familiar and famous "Poker faces."
    These boys have turned "card playing" into a lucrative financial career and made themselves a wee bit of money in knowing how to play an Ace.
    Hats off to Kenny Rogers and a few of his well versed lines in "The Gambler."
    Listen with me and tune in to him later.
    He said, "Son, I've made a life
    Out of readin' people's faces
    Knowin' what the cards were
    By the way they held their eyes
    So if you don't mind me saying'
    I can see you're out of aces
    For a taste of  your whiskey
    I'll give you some advice

    You've got to know when to hold 'em
    Know when to fold 'em
    Know when to walk away
    And know when to run
    You never count your money
    When you're sittin at the table
    There'll be time enought for countin
    When the dealin's done."
    I've never played a game of Poker, and I'm unfamiliar with the rules ... but I'm willing to learn.
    The game intrigues me primarily because of a loved one's interest and investment in it. For this reason I've given myself a brief education which I find somewhat fascinating.
    What intrigues me most about Poker is not the game itself but the "eyes" and the terms of engaging.
    Through the eyes of a Poker player, the donning of dark glasses is strategically essential in  providing him with three key competitive edges.
    Here are  "3 C" strategic components conveyed to me through Poker players and their dark glasses:
    1) Concealing the eyes prevents a Poker player's hand from being read. Even the best of players recognizes a likelihood that he will provide his opponent with a revelation and knowledge of his hand if he chooses to leave his eyes wide open for study.
    Eyes should be prized, guarded, and concealed in a careful manner.
    Satan, in like manner, is a worthy opponent who studies the "eyes" continually and makes strategic use of them through temptation. If you don't develop a Poker face you might find yourself in trouble. He knows precisely what cards to play and when to play them.
    Hmmm ...
    2) Concentration is profoundly impacted when a Poker player places himself in a "concentrated" room through a simple pair of shades.
    Success, in like manner, requires healthy focus and concentration, and an ability to effectively shut out temptation and distraction.
    There's nothing like a vertical focus to effectively concentrate the mind and afford it peace.
    "Unto Thee I lift up mine eyes, O Thou that dwellest in the heavens."
    Psalm 123:1
    3) Confidence in a Poker player is elevated when he strategically and openly places a "classy looking" concealer over his eyes. A Poker player's countenance is charged with competitive showmanship through a simple pair of glasses. He's not threatened or intimidated by opponents but concentrated and confident.
    Conveying and carrying one's self with confidence is extremely empowering and energizing, and attained through a strong and ardent walk with Christ and time in His word.
    Indeed, there's a power ignited in the eyes,
    which can neither be questioned nor denied.
    No words necessary.
    Consider the words of a tax collector and seasoned gambler by the name of Matthew.
    "The light of the body is the eye. If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness."
    Matthew 6:22-23
    So much to be learned through a Poker face.
    So much to be seen through the eyes.
    Hmmm ...
    Maybe it's time to invest in a pair of shades.


    Heavenly Father,
    Fill me today with expression, life, and wonder.
    Give me zeal for the mundane,
    zest for the routine,
    and enthusiasm for the smallest of tasks.
    Let me respond quickly and fervently to the needs placed before me.
    Let me give of myself freely and tend to the needs of others mercifully.
    Let me be to another,
    a source of inspiration, hope, and joy.
    And be to me, Lord ...
    My most holy wonder.
    “Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”
    Romans 15:13

  • 9+19+29+39


    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    Memory retention can leave an unforgettable impression, and the simple recall of an individual's name has the power to leave a lasting and favorable impact.
    Recall a time when someone remembered or forgot something identifiable about you and the impression it left on you.
    Memory matters.
    Resist attaching the old familiar excuses of age and inability to yourself and instead, make it your goal to explore methods useful to you in storing information.
    +Individuals composed of an "enviable" memory aren't generally smarter, they're simply more concentrated and intentional.
    +Individuals who remember things well aren't more skillful and adept, they're more attentive and deliberate.
    +Individuals who retain things well are more interested in "other" discovery than self-uncovery.
    Individuals who have a good memory generally work on improving their memory in provoking and concrete ways.
    They understand methodology and make use of it.
    Memory is an empowering tool and trait,
    and the methods we utilize to enhance it are worthy of consideration and exploration.
    Once we note the method by which we best retain information, we can attach this same method to other arenas of life in a concrete and constructive way.
    A few questions:
    What's your primary method of memory?
    Do you remember things sequentially or numerically?
    Do you remember things alphabetically or "acrostically"?
    Is your memory enhanced through activity and motion or stillness and aloneness?
    Does memory attach itself where there's movement and activity or in solitude and silence?
    Do you remember things in black and white or in color?
    Which "sensories" most powerfully enable your memory?
    Sight. Sound. Touch. Smell. Taste.
    In answering these curious questions we employ ourselves with a helpful type of methodology by which we remember things. When we understand our "methodology DNA" we wonderfully assign ourselves with new "memory DNA".
    Which of us doesn't want a stronger dose of that?
    Today's assignment will aid and assign "you" a methodology DNA which will prove helpful and valuable in memory skill.
    A list of the 45 Presidents:
    1.Washington  2.J. Adams 3.Jefferson 4. Madison 5.Monroe 6. J.Q. Adams 7.Jackson 8.Van Buren 9.W.H. Harrison 10.Tyler 11. Polk 12.Taylor 13.Fillmore 14.Pierce 15. Buchanan 16.Lincoln 17.A. Johnson 18.Grant 19.Hayes 20.Garfield 21. Arthur 22.Cleveland 23.B. Harrison 24.Cleveland 25.Mckinley 26.T. Roosevelt 27.Taft  28.Wilson 29.Harding 30.Coolidge 31.Hoover 32.F. Roosevelt 33.Truman 34.Eisenhower 35.Kennedy 36.L.Johnson 37.Nixon 38.Ford 39.Carter 40.Reagan 41.G.Bush 42.Clinton 43.G.W. Bush 44.Obama 45.Trump
    Let's suppose that we must have the list of presidents memorized by this evening.
    How will you go about it?
    Pay close attention to the strategy you  assume and adopt in this undertaking.
    It's extraordinary what you learn about your mental prowess.
     Here's a personal strategy which effectively works in me and helps me to rip through the list in about a minute flat during my speekwalk.
    1) I look at the list and speak it aloud many times over. I then create a list of 1-45 and fill in the "easy" ones.
    2) Numbers 10, 20, 30, and 40 seem vital to me for the placement and helpful employment of others.
    Tyler. Garfield. Coolidge. Reagan.
    Tyler "Polked" Taylor. Ouch! That wasn't nice, but now I have 3.
    G"ar"field contains "Ar"thur who quickly follows. Now I have 2.
    Coolidge begins the triple alphabet of "double oo's" followed by Hoover & Roosevelt. Now I have 3.
    Reagan is surrounded by Bushes with a Bill in the middle. Now I have 4.
      Assassinated Presidents Lincoln (16th) and Kennedy (35th) were both followed by Johnsons'. Historical trivias and little aids such as these work to cement men together in the mind.
    Curiosly and interestingly, I noted that the #9's were extremely difficult for me:
    Harrison. Hayes. Harding. Carter.
    Sort of "uneventful" men.
    But upon recording them I immediately saw that they made me laugh.
    The three mens' names begin with "Ha."
    Ha. Ha. Ha. followed by a Ca.
    And now I laugh at the 4 presidents which precede the 4 "pillared" presidents.  
    The rest is history ... and the "fun pun" is intended.
     I simply rehearse, rehearse, and rehearse the list until I own it. I flavor it and savor it many curious ways until it almost has a metric sound to it by the time I've properly composed it.
    My memory comes alive and I do a verbal dance with the Presidents on my daily walks. My next labor is to assign them their rightful dates.
    Hmmm ... how to work the numbers?
    I absolutely love words and the challenge of implementing and assigning a strategic method for memory empowerment is wonderfully gratifying.
    If you have anything you wish to memorize but can't formulate a strategy for implementation, I beg of you to enlist me in the challenge of it. I promise I shall develop a method in no time and entertain you in the meantime.
    Ha. Ha. Ha. Ca.
    Laugh with me,
    utilize your mind ...
    know your methods.

    Hmmm ...
    Whose number could this be?

  • 8% or 92%

    8% or 92%
    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    This narrow population percentage is composed of goal-achievers;
    individuals energized by attaining and achieving end results deemed significant to them.
    What's so fantastic about the 8% is its elasticity ... for no two individuals are alike just as no two goals are exactly alike;
    each takes on its own shape, make, and wondrous outcome!
    We find ourselves in the narrow 8% when we commmit ourselves to the completion of identified goals. This narrow road, consisting of a small population, is strategically paved with life defining and enhancing qualities of focus, purpose, energy, challenge, drive, determination, and growth.
    The 8% is fueled with energy, enthusiasm, and passion.
    Consider individuals in the 8%.
    Does your name appear on the list?
     Why or why not?
     Consider the core group of individuals you surround yourself with on a continual basis and whether any of them are in the 8%.
    Of notable interest is the notable reality that the 92% of non-goal achieving individuals mix continually together ... as do the 8%.
    The beauty of the 8% is that it's composed of liberating, energizing, visionary, special individuals who differ greatly from one another and yet bear out commonalities shared by one another:
    +Strategies differ but the 8% is employed and engaged in taking concrete steps toward the completion of a goal.
    +Motivational methods differ but the 8% knows how they're motivated and constructively makes use of recharging methods.
    +Interests differ but the 8% confidently and ardently moves in its own quest.
    +Vision differs but the 8% are looking through a 20/20 lens.
    +Resources differ but 8% is utilizing them.
     The 8% is aroused, ignited, and stirred to do what the 92% is unwilling to do.
    Herein lies the difference.
    Sweat. Grit. Faith. Determination. Energy. Humility. Curiosity. Resilience. Confidence. Perseverance.
    These are the inspiring and empowering ...
    "traits of the eights".
    8% or 92% ...
    It's 100% up to you.


    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    D as in Driven. L as in Little. T as in Tiger.
    Driven Little Tiger
    Darrelyn Lee Tutt
    Words have the power to create a lasting impression and memory in the mind.
    In a recent podcast, I closed out the interview by providing the listener with my coaching website and concluding with a web address.
    Rather than toss out the simple and forgettable initials of my name as a prelude to my title, I contributed the force of an empowering descriptive of myself in its stead.
    I'm confident that listeners and readers are ten times more likely to engage in my site as a result of an energizing descriptive and not a "difficult to remember" name.
    Driven Little Tiger
    or ...
    Darrelyn Lee Tutt.
    Would we not all agree that the descriptive charges us with a heightened desire and urge to explore the site.
    Yes indeed!
      Today's assignment is an explorative and energizing one.
    Grab a pen and paper and write your name down. Look at it a moment and simply appreciate it.
    Darrelyn Lee Tutt.
    Now assign just your initials to yourself and leave all kinds of room to contribute descriptives of yourself. Utilize words that depict and describe "you." Work at employing visual words that adequately speak to your personality and nature.
    Illustrate and identify yourself in three initials.
    It's energizing fun!
    D - Daring. Delicious. Different. Dalmation. Disciplined. Driven. Disarming. Decided. Dolphin. Delightful. Daisy. Dancing. Dream. Determined. Desirable.
    L -  Lively. Lovely. Listening. Loaded. Lilac. Locomotive. Little. Lioness. Logical. Liberated. Lover. Leather. Learner. Lips. Limber.
    T -  Treasure. Triumphant. Trophy. Tiger. Terrain. Territory. Tenacious. Tender. Touchable. Total. Turquoise. Tropical. Trigger. Talons. Twix. Tonic. Tongue. Tigger. Thinker. Thoughtful.
    Highlight the three words in each initial that identify "you" best.
    Now ... put a combination together that speaks visibly and forcibly to you.
    Attach yourself to these words continually and mentally.
    Enjoy them.
    Embrace them.
    Enthusiastically attach them to yourself and become the beautiful "you" God made you to be.
    Make use of them.
    Live out these empowering words in your everyday life,
     and love the life you live!
    You are you and none but you ...
    can do it best.
    My passion is intense. My desires are immense.
    Rates are totally awesome and doable!
    Give me a call.
    Hmmm ...
    How might we remember this number?


    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    People who were told they wouldn't achieve much ...
    but did.
    +The man who was told he "lacked imagination and had no good idea" turned out to be Walt Disney.
    + The man who was "let go" by the investment bank that employed him, and translated his severance check into his "jumpstart career" was none other than Michael Bloomberg.
    +The woman who was fired for an inability to sever emotion from newscasts turned out to be Oprah Winfrey.
    +The concert hall manager of Nashville's Grand Ole Opry told a certain performer he should return to Memphis and drive trucks for a living. The performer's name was Elvis Presley.
    +The employee who was fired for spilling acid on the work floor of Western Union while secretly engaged in experiments turned out to be Thomas Edison.
    +The man who didn't speak until he was four, didn't read until he was seven, and was expelled and rejected by a Polytechnic School was Albert Einstein.
    Commonalities of inspiring individuals:
    +An ability to rechannel negativity into productivity and move progressively forward.
    +An ability to translate rejection into resolve and blast ahead.
    +An innate resilience and uncommon sense of fortitude and direction.
    +An ongoing and invested quest in learning, growth, and development.
    +An ability to see what others cannot see.
    +An unstoppable, unflinchable nature; endowed with the internal qualities of grit, wit, and determination.
    +Energetically and enthusiastically branded ... confined and defined by none.
    The commonalities of inspiring individuals is "uncommonness."
    In doing what the common man doesn't they become what the common man isn't.
    Inspiring individuals aren't born ...
    they're developed.

    Through repetitive cycles of negativity, rejection, and refusal, inspiring individuals learn to redefine and reinvent themselves in positve, productive, and progressive ways.
    Be the person you admire.
    Be the person who inspires ...


    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    1) Warning light alerts
    2) Engine sputtering
    3) Poor fuel economy
    4) Dead Battery
    5) Flat tires
    6) Squeaky or grinding breaks
    7) Alternator issues
    8) Broken starter motor
    9) Shaking steering wheel
    10) Overheating
    A visit to the Auto shop is based on issues and problems we're experiencing. Generally we're alerted, in advance, to potential significant issues through the car's extraordinary warning system.
    We don't drive on flats, disregard a dead battery, or hope that the alternator will somehow cure itself. We recognize and respond to the issues and make a trip to the Automotive.
    In like manner, the mind is composed of an extraordinary sensory unit that alerts us in advance to potential issues. To heed the God-given warning system we're wired with is a wise practice that requires time, energy, and discipline and results in success, prosperity, and productivity.
    1) Overwhelmed
    2) Fear
    3) Loneliness
    4) Discomfort
    5) Anger
    6) Disillusionment
    7) Guilt
    8) Inadequacy
    9) Anxiety
    10) Disappointment
    Failure to deal with negative "warning signals" results in long-term, negative ramifications. Responding "to" the mind's warning signals results in pique performance, energy recharge, and revitalization.
    When we learn to make use of the negatives and enlist them as "action" enablements, we charge ourselves with positive and mobilizing activity which leads to positively energized outcomes.
    1) An "overwhelmed" sensory suggests poor use of time and energy.
    Action is required!
    The first concrete act of every problem begins with pen and paper. 
    Even those of us who don't like to write will appreciate and understand the value of conducting thoughts on paper. It's a concrete yet elementary discipline that precipitates healthy and wise activity. It might be composed of only ten words but those ten words have the power to alter not only your day ... but your entire life.
    +Record priorities.
    +Record time siphoned off in unnecessary activity.
    +Respond and react accordingly.
    BINGO ...
    The "overwhelmed" charge is now translated into a productive and positive charge by which we reorganize and restructure not only our time but our lives.
    The "overwhelmed" sensory makes an exit when positive activity makes an entrance.
    Pique energy performance is the outcome.
    Positive Charge = Positive Change.
    Love it!
    By applying a positive strategy to a negative sensory we experience the exhilaration of productivity and positivity.
    Love the life you live ...
    Positively Charged.


    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    Exhibitionism - a perversion in which sexual gratification is obtained from the indecent exposure of one's genitals (as to a stranger.)
    Merriam - Webster Dictionary
    Warnings and "sightings" of a disturbing kind have been posted and shared openly about an exhibitionist in the area. Concern for my welfare has been tangibly expressed by many and I'm deeply appreciative of the knowledge.
    Years ago, such news would have been mentally debilitating to me:
    -Walks would have halted or come to an end.
    -Fear, distrust, and paranoia would have become a quick mindset.
    -Doubts and anger at the male gender would've heightened and intensified.
    -I would've passed my fear along to others.
    Praise be to God for His gentle mercy, kindness, and patience these past years;
    He's brought me wisely and wonderfully along.
    Here's what I now can attest to:
    +Education has the power to put fear to rest and create new channels of learning by which  growth, development, and compassion occur.
    +Education has the power to deescalate fear and replace it with wisdom, discernment, and empowerment.
    +Education speaks to a desire to identify and help others.
    +Education trains the mind to think practically and proactively instead of fearfully and negatively.
    +Education is an able teacher in a difficult classroom.
     Beautifully and wonderfully, I've become a student adept at utilizing her and challenging others to do the same.
    It's having an impact!
    Here's a few helpful facts I've found constructive and valuable about exhibitionism as reported by Psychology Today:
    " ... it is thought to affect approximately 2-3 percent of the male population.
    "Risk factors for the development of exhibitionism in males include antisocial personality disorder, alcohol abuse, and an interest in pedophilia. Other factors that may be associated with exhibitionism include sexual and emotional abuse during childhood and sexual preoccupation in childhood. Some people who display exhibitionistic behavior engage in other paraphilias as well, and are consequently considered hypersexual.
    ... Approximately one-third of sex crimes reported to the police involve incidences of exhibitionism.
    The treatment for exhibitionism typically includes psychotherapy and medication.
    Research suggests that behavioral models are effective in treating exhibitionism by providing individuals with tools to control their impulses and find more acceptable ways of coping with their urges than showing their genitalia to others. Cognitive behavioral therapy may help individuals to identify the triggers that cause their urges and then manage these urges in healthier ways. Other psychotherapy approaches include relaxation training, empathy training, coping skills training and cognitive restructuring."
    I've taken the facts and enlisted my own responses, which has proven a formidable and notable activity.
    Encountering an exhibitionist:
    +Since an exhibitionist is gratified and "turned on" by a fearful and notable response, try not to provide one.
    +Divert your eyes and head and move toward the safest "people" channels available.
    +Focus on facial description, possible vehicle information, and anything helpful in identifying the exhibitionist.
    +Call 911 immediately and give the most detailed account possible of the incident.
    +Go directly to the Sheriff's office and give a "face to face" account of the episode ASAP.
    +Pray and ask God to use "your" negative experience in a postive, productive, and life-changing way which might impact and prove helpful to others.
    There are ways to deal productively and positively with people and problems.
    Education and identification ...
    are beautiful and able participants in displaying redemption and compassion.
    Work to utilize ...
    and openly exhibit them.


    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    If your enemy is hungry,
    You must give him food to eat;
    If your enemy is thirsty,
    You are not to make retreat.

    It is given you to fill him,
    It is given you to love;
    If you haven’t it within you,
    God will give it from above.

    He will match the most unlovely,
    With a correlating grace;
    He will give you strength to suffer,
    One you’d choose to never face.

    He will strengthen, He will meet you,
    At the crux of every ill;
    Those who’ve done a wrong against you,
    You’re to love them … even still.

    God will recompense the evil,
    He, alone, decide the case;
    You must simply offer mercy,
    Trusting God to give you grace.

    Feed the enemy that’s hungry,
    Fill the cup that’s given you;
    Choose to overcome an evil,
    Trusting God for what He’ll do.

    Therefore, If your enemy is hungry, feed him; If he is thirsty, give him a drink; For in so doing you will heap coals of fire on his head. Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.
    Romans 12:20-21

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