By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

A vision board is one of the most inexpensive and valuable investments you can make in realizing your dreams and accomplishing your goals.
A few basic purchases are needed:
+A white board (a 3' x 2' works great)
+Bright colored sticky notes (the colors make a difference and a variation is helpful)
+Black Sharpie permanent marker (fine point works best)
Get your board up and get after it:
1) For starters, assign yourself ONE positive tangible goal and attach a deadline date to it.
Put it on your favorite colored sticky note and place it in the middle or top of the board.
Would you like to earn a degree? Go back to school? Make more money? Start a business? Run a marathon? Begin an exercise program?
Know your goal and date it.
The more specific you are ... the more likely you are to accomplish your goal.
+Cindy wants to run the Boston Marathon in 2020. This is specific and excellent!
In asserting "which" marathon she desires to run, Cindy has nailed down a specific date (Monday, April 20th,) and registration deadline (it was September 9th, 2019). Cindy has to have a qualifying time now and meet specific standards in order to run the Boston. By virtue of marathon, Cindy has provided herself with a strong blueprint of definitive goals and steps to get herself there.
Cindy's aim is "bulls-eye" clear and her target is centered.
*The value of being specific can't be emphasized enough.
2) Assign days of the week (Monday - Friday) on different sticky note colors and place them vertically, horizontally, or in a circle around your goal. Each day of the week should be written in large caps because the days of the week will remain permanently on the board. Enjoy utilizing a variation of color and make it work for you. Maybe the colors will mean something specific to you or maybe you just like to assign yourself vibrant eye-catching colors that energize you on specific days.
*If you assign the sticky side to the far left, you create a "flap" and can attach goals, like dominoes, directly behind. 
This is my method of choice and works wonderfully.
3) Assign yourself tangible steps each day of the week toward the accomplisment of your goal. A minimum of three and a maximum of twelve should be considered. I'm an extremist so you can do the math and envision how colorful my board is.
Assign one goal per sticky note and begin to layer and domino them behind each day. If you keep the sticky side to the left all the way through, it looks like colored dominos on your beautiful visionary board, and makes them easy to pull or check off!
Some cringe at the amount of sticky notes gone through but I think it's delicious fun and worth a few bucks every couple weeks. I also like the suggestion that my goals are worth an investment.
Create your own order, style, and method of organization; the important thing is to make it work for you. Try different methods and get comfortable in arranging and rearranging your sticky notes.
4) Select two days of rest.
Generally, the weekend days are chosen but select whatever days work best for you.
If you didn't accomplish all of your goals Monday through Friday, utilize one of these days as a catch-up day. If you accomplished all your goals, celebrate the achievement in a tangible way that's linked to your goal!
+A celebratory splurge for Cindy, for example, might be a pair of amazing running socks or outdoor running gloves.
+If Allen's goal is to own a mechanic shop, his splurge might be a Mechanic's magazine or a new tool.
The splurge item doesn't have to cost anything and might mean simply going somewhere special or taking in a special view which speaks concretely to your dream.
The important thing is to recognize and reward your achievements and celebrate them in a tangible way that heightens your awareness of your dream and keeps you moving forward.
*Feel free to enlist me if you need help, encouragement, or advice on your goal-setting journey. I love empowering others.
Envision it ... and go for it!
"Committing your goals to paper increases the likelihood of your achieving them by one thousand percent."
-Brian Tracy