By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Don't stop short of your goals.
Dream bigger and think larger.
Imagine more ... get out and explore.
There's a whole world around you waiting to be uncovered and discovered!
The only obstacle on the pathway to your dreams is "you."
Those who achieve, simply believe they can, and set out and do something tangible.
Five empowerments to get you moving:
1) Pad and Paper
Get one out and assign yourself ten big adventures!
Have you always wanted to run a marathon? Have you dreamed of owning your own business? Would you like to attend a concert or attend a motivational seminar? Do you want to give up gambling? Do you want to give up drinking? Do you want to take up crafting or begin a job at welding?
Write it down.
2) Five Stars
Out of the ten ... select five.
We're going to go for the gold in these.
These special "five" speak to us about what we're truly passionate about.
These particular five tell us about a drive within.
These five make us come alive ... and fill us with life, energy, and passion.
You should feel yourself excited and breathing hard on this one.
Select five.
3) Do Something
Which "one" of the five can be concretely identified with tangible steps attached?
This is the one we're going to focus on:
If running a marathon is on your list, get your running gear out and start running today. If ending an addictive cyle is on your hit list, do a Google search and find out what cities or communities near you have programs that offer assistance, and get yourself signed up. If starting a small business is on your list, contact a banker, make an appointment, and look into the financial feasibiity of it.
Not tomorrow, not later today ... now.
Once you DO something, you'll find yourself wanting to do more of something, and you'll trigger passionate impulses which have been lying dorment inside of you that keep you going.
Starting a productive, progressive, positive cycle in our lives, in any area, has a domino effect upon all other areas of our lives. It's totally and 100% empowering.
Can't affect one ... without the others.
Do something.
4) Read
Reading feeds, fuels, and fosters intelligence, curiosity, passion, and confidence in any and every area of life.
Anything is possible and "masterable" to those who read.
Books are a sure guide and a steady ride to everywhere. Individuals who read go places and meet faces that impact the world.
If you're into marathon running, pick up books about racers and runners.
If you're looking to quit a habit, pick up books about people who struggled with your issue and emerged successful and triumphant.
If you're looking to begin a small business, pick up books on financial enterprise and entrepreneurship.
"Pick the brains" of others who have been where you are and link yourself with some confidence-boosting resources.
Read! Read!! Read!!!
It will help you Do! Do!! Do!!!
5) Rehearse the High
Once you've taken your first tangible step, write down its impact on you and share it with others. Positive rehearsal has an extremely empowering and contagious effect.
Take time to feel and think about your achievement and simply bask in the afterglow of it! Achievement has the ability to empower and take you into your next hour.
Do you feel invigorated, excited, energized?
Do you feel like you can do anything and achieve anything with some fresh wind on your back?
Do you feel capable, intelligent, and a little more confident?
You should.
You worked for it!
Rehearse, savor, and enjoy the high.
Employ yourself in a dream mission and refuse to settle for "tired out and done" when you've barely just begun.
We don't come alive until we're engaged in what makes us come alive!
And we don't come alive without some risk.
Dare to be different.
Dare to take a different ride.
Dare to take a fall and remember that "falls" are part of the journey and, perhaps even, the most valuable and healthy part of it.
Dare to arrive somewhere different and you'll become someone very beautiful and different in the process.
There's a place reserved for you ...
You have what it takes.
"Never limit yourself because of others' imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination."
-Mae Jemison