By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

You Tube Tutorials and Google inquiries are amazing.
One can receive an instant education and save big bucks on everything from treating fever blisters to repairing appliances in a matter of minutes.
If you're not utilizing it ... you're missing out.
Case in point:
I'd bugged my husband for the one-thousandth time to look at the dishwasher, which wasn't getting the dishes clean, and causing a mounting frustration to grow.
The days of excused procrastination were over according to my timeline (which I admit is extremely short,) and something had to be done.
So I did it!
Disregarding my lack of mechancial knowledge, I Googled "LG dishwashers," and contributed the model number and the issue I was experiencing.
Up popped reasonable suggestions as to why my dishwasher might not be effectively cleaning the dishes. The filter seemed a likely culprit to both me and the "LG" guy so I went with it.
I watched a two minute video tutorial on the filter being removed from my EXACT dishwasher which I found a wee bit overwhelming but very helpful.
I learned that we were the owners of a unique dishwasher which harbored a most unique looking "flying saucer" filter apparatus at its center. The entire dishwasher required a dismantling in order to clean the problematic filter.
Hmmm ...
If there ever was a time when I felt myself more deserving of a thousand gold stars and a bugle blast, this would be it.
I watched the 2 minute video approximately a dozen times in order to familiarize myself with the mechanical components of the dishwasher and I went to work. I removed nuts, bolts, the arm of the machine ... and finally the filter itself by starting and stopping the video throughout the process ... and I did it!!!
Two hours later and pieces and parts laying in little neat piles on the kitchen table later, I had accomplished a work nothing short of brain surgery.
My husband and children each received photographs as lasting proofs of this remarkable undertaking and my son was so impressed he actually called me on the job.
Gosh and golly ... and three cheers to me.
My mechanical confidence is still soaring!
My husband praised me to the highest degree and encouraged me to leave the rest to him, which I did (feel free to be humored.) Upon arriving home from work, he immediately attended to the lime deposits in the plugged filter and gave my vacant dishwasher a "look-over" and the services needed for it to be declared ready and fit for use by the end of the night. He put the entire unit back together with ease and it's running while I write.
 I wish to thank the individuals and companies that take time to make tutorials for the mechanically "disabled" and those who want to do something but don't know how.
The education I received was extraordinary and the confidence it contributed to me was off-the-charts wonderful!
Woohooo ... and who knows what's next.
All this to say that all things are possible.
If I can do it, you can do it.
Put your mind to it ...
And maybe Google will help.