By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

 Airlines create their own rules and we comply with them if we choose to fly with them.
The general public is indiscrimately informed of available Airlines, destinations, arrival and departure times and cost ... and we decide to fly or not to fly.
The flight isn't contingent on our plans;
The plane will leave whether we're on it or not.
One thing is sure:
We do not arrive anywhere without departing from somewhere ... and choices must be made in the meantime.
God is head of air traffic control, flight plans, and weather patterns. He places His Son in the Captain's chair and rules the skies and the peoples simultaneously.
He's not dictated or governed by our decision to "fly or not to fly" with Him.
His flight isn't contingent on our plans ...
But our flight is contingent on His.

According to Christ, our departure, arrival, and destination time, is determined, in part, by our willingness to comply with a specific code of conduct He creates.
 "And unto man He said, 'Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding.'"
Job 28:28

(1 Peter 3:11; Psalm 37:27; Isaiah 52:11)
Departing from evil is not a suggestion; it's a command repetitively given throughout the scripture.
If we want to experience nearness with Christ ... we must depart from evil in order to do so.
It's not enough to dislike, disapprove, or be disheartened by sin;
The whole man must depart from it.

To depart from sin means to leave, exit, separate, divide, remove ourselves from the very premise of it.
Does it have a cost? Yes.
Is it painful? Yes.
Is it worth it?
Truly ...
Yes. Yes. Yes.
Once departure has occurred; arrival is guaranteed.
We may experience delays, setbacks, and unexpected timeframes but the deal is sealed and the plane is in the sky.
Enjoy the view;
Your destination might surprise you.
Good and glorious Father,
Let all that is evil be shown to us that we might depart from its presence in order to arrive at a desirable and determined destination.
Let our intimacy with You squelch the difficulties of "parting" with and from sins that hold a temporal appeal but impoverish our souls and rob us of desired intimacy with You.
Let Thy ways govern our steps and our flight.
Procure directional graces along our way ...
And lead us into holiness and a deeper communion with You.