By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Should you share your dreams and desires with others or keep them to yourself?
Research suggests a a wisdom in keeping silent.
Here are a few reasons why:
1) Delayed gratification demands discipline ... and so does a dream.
Spouting off early about "larger than life dreams" provides a temporary high but wields a negative long-term outcome. We all know the feeling of early jubilation and celebration upon a fun announcement but a fun announcement rarely paves the way to an accomplished dream.
 Joe's early forecast about Law school sounded wonderful when he announced it at the last reunion ... but three months later and a few dollars short, Joe decided Law school was overrated and settled down to work at the local diner instead.
 Hmmm ...
Indeed, individuals who yearn for adoration and applause up front are not likely to take the difficult steps necessary to achieving their dream.
 Instead of announcing a dream, go to work on it.
Folks will see and admire your efforts on a whole different level if they see you doing something and not just saying something.
Delayed gratification is a worthy endeavor.
Apply yourself to it.
2) Doesn't the announcement of a dream aid in accountability?
Not at all.
Individuals desirous of accountability will attack things in a strategic way and apply for help in a tangible way from those who are able to appropriately assist them.
Accountability requires humility and help ... not applause.
There's a big difference.

Accountability is a strategic step toward the accomplishment of a dream that may require the telling of it to one or two, but this is for an entirely different reason than approval, applause, and a toast.
Know the difference.
3) Achievers don't have time to blather on about their dreams because they're too busy working to be talking. Achievers value discipline, hard work, and sacrifice and shut out unnecessary distractions and detours for the realization of a dream.
They put in the hard work, time, and energy needed to achieve and accomplish a dream and they see it through to the end.
 These individuals enjoy a timely toast in a much larger way upon completion.
Delayed gratification is a powerful thing.
Wait for it.
Think about your dreams and appreciate them but don't get lost in conversation about them.
 Get to work on them!
Perhaps the first and greatest step to realizing a dream is simply determining to keep your mouth shut.
Get a grip.
Zip your lip.
Go to work.
Empower Community.